Friday, November 5, 2010

Teiid 7.2 Final Released

We are pleased to announce Teiid 7.2 with numerous features, improvements, and bug fixes. Here are some highlights:
  • SQL Support
    • Non-Recursive Common Table Expressions - The WITH clause (and associated pushdown) for non-recursive queries is now supported.
    • Explicit Table Syntax - TABLE x can now be used as a shortcut for SELECT * FROM x
  • JSON Support - JSON, which could be obtained through the ws-translator using http calls or other methods, can be converted to XML using the system function jsonToXml. XMLTABLE and other integration logic can then be used on the JSON results.
  • Transaction Statements - JDBC/ODBC now accepts START TRANSACTION, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK statements to control local transactions.
  • Procedure Result Caching - virtual procedure definitions may use a cache hint to cache results in the result set cache.
  • Improved Plan Caching - plans used by internal materialization and stored procedure plans will be automatically cached in the prepared plan cache. Improvements were also made to reduce the memory footprint of the plans.
  • Refined Load Balancing and Fail Over - clients can use use the statement "SET NEWINSTANCE TRUE" to allow their connection to select a new server instance. See the Client Developer's Guide for more information.
  • Simplified Role Usage - a role can now be assigned to any authenticated user via the any-authenticated attribute on the data-role element.
  • Materialized View Performance - materialized view tables will now automatically create and use non-unique secondary indexes for unique constraints and indexes defined on the view.
  • Binary Web Service Calls - the ws translator now provides an invokeHttp procedure to return the blob contents and string content type of an http/https call.
  • Improved clustering support - see the Admin Guide chapter on clustering.
  • IPv6 support - Teiid can started using IPv6 bind address and can be used with JDBC connection.
  • SESSION_ID - A new system function "SESSION_ID" is added to the system function library.
  • Assignment Syntax Improvements - Teiid's procedure syntax for assignments was clarified so that the assignment value must be a proper expression. INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE update counts must be obtained from VARIABLES.ROWCOUNT, scalar values must be obtained via a scalar subquery. The parser will continue to accept the old syntax and convert the query into the proper form.
  • TEXTAGG - SQL support for Text aggregation. Using this function expression values can be aggregated into a CSV BLOB with configurable delimiter, header, and encoding. The result can be optionally saved to a text file.
See the release notes for more details. Download today, give it try, and let us know what you think and what features you would want in upcoming releases.

The Teiid Team