Monday, July 23, 2012

Teiid 8.1 Beta1

Teiid 8.1 Beta1 is now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final. New features include: 
  • VDB Reuse a vdb.xml can now declare imported vdbs to reuse metadata.  See the Reference for more.
  • Comparable Object - the system property org.teiid.comparableObject can be set to use OBJECT values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations. It is expected that the object values correctly implement Comparable.compareTo.
  • Admin Metadata - you can now retrieve metadata in DDL from the admin api via the getSchema method.
  • Improved VDB loading - vdb loading logic was refined to make administration easier. ExecutionFactory now has is/setSourceRequiredForMetadata() to indicate whether a source connection is needed for the getMetadata call.
VDB reuse is a powerful feature that enables a lighter-weight approach to sharing schema/models across VDBs.  Design time support will come in a future Designer release.

Overall issue fixing has been brisk with 69 issues addressed so far.  We will likely have another Beta or two before locking down for the CR releases.

Thanks for all the community feedback on the Alphas!

The Teiid Team