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Teiid 7.4 Beta1

7.4 Beta1 is now available. From 7.3 we've added a host of important features including:
improved dependent/optional join planningimproved memory managementsubquery optimization controlsupport for multi-source proceduresthe uuid/array_get/array_length system functionsthe arraytable table functioncontrol over source query concurrencyvirtual procedure out/return/in_out params (requires a pending Teiid Designer 7.4 milestone)
There is also new source connectivity with an OLAP translator and Ingres/InterSystems Cache JDBC translator variants.

As always see the release notes for more. For even more detailed information on these or any pending issues, check out the JIRA issues here.

Please check any of your issues that have been resolved and log new ones before it's too late to hit the release.

The Teiid Team