Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teiid 7.6 Beta1

7.6 Beta1 is now available.  It contains an overhaul of the memory management system, which includes: 
  • A Fixed Memory Buffer - A serialization buffer will be allocated to increase disk through-put.  It is also managed as a second tier cache.  You may optionally configure the size and set it to use off-heap memory - which is especially useful for dealing with larger amounts (typically 32BG+) of memory from the VM.  The memory buffer also allows for better disk usage based upon fixed allocation blocks vs. the old Teiid scheme which used a file per table/tuple buffer.
  • Concurrent LRFU - the main eviction algorithm was further refined to be concurrent and to better handle table work loads.
  • Numerous Performance Improvements - batch size estimation, serialization, and value type resolution were all improved.
You may also now configure query timeout defaults at both the server and per-VDB level.

Now is a great time to provide feedback on any issues or minor enhancements before it's too late for the release.

The Teiid Team

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teiid 7.6 Alpha1

7.6 Alpha1 is now available and includes the following notable features since 7.5:
  • Procedure language features - Added support for compound/block statements, BEGIN [[NOT] ATOMIC], loop/block labels, and the leave statement. See the reference for more.
  • File Enhancements - the file translator can now optionally (via the ExceptionIfFileNotFound property) throw an exception if the path refers to a file that doesn't exist. The file resource adapter can be configured to map file names and can prevent parent path .. references. See the Admin Guide or the file-ds.xml template for more.
  • TEXTTABLE Enhancements - TEXTTABLE can now parse fixed width files that do not use a row delimiter and can optionally produce fixed values that haven't been trimmed.
  • Temp table transactions - Internal materialized views and temp table usage from a session and within procedures can take advantage of greater transaction support.
  • Buffering Improvements - Added the ability to inline memory based or small lobs and added tracking of the memory held by soft references. Also switched to a LFRU algorithm that significantly reduces writes and read misses with temporary tables.
  • GSSAPI - both the Teiid JDBC client/server and the ODBC pg backend can now support GSSAPI for single sign-on. (this is in the documentation, but not yet in the release notes as it has yet to be tested).
For even more detailed information on these or any pending issues, check out the JIRA issues here.  Please note that development of Teiid 8 is happening concurrently with the 7.6 development and will incorporate the 7.6 work as well.

We are also looking for anyone who wants to volunteer to help validate the GSSAPI feature.


The Teiid Team