Friday, June 29, 2012

Data Solutions Everywhere at Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012

A very successful Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012 with over 3300 attendees from all over the world happened this week in Boston Hynes Convention Centre. 

In last one week Red Hat has released many products.

There were many varieties of sessions, it was evident that big data and cloud computing has taken prominent spot light. JBoss keynote was so good, there was not even standing room in 800+ capacity session hall. If you have not seen it you can watch it here

If you have not already taken look at GlusterFS (Red Hat Storage), it is just  magic where you can take commodity hard drives and turn them into big data storage solution all with software.

I have attended couple sessions on Data Grid by Manik, they were very informative in educating the user about Big Data and how Infinispan is solving  issues in this space.

I attended "Red Hat Big Data Strategy Overiew", which show cased Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid (condor) where they demonstrated, how to manage a Apache Hadoop cluster for job performance and resource utilization. Somebody else at conference also mentioned that this could even manage Red Hat Storage clusters with this and run the Map Reduce jobs on this cluster just like using Hadoop. Very cool!

Justin Hays in his "JBoss enterprise Middleware and BigData" showed how he solved his customer's big data problem with integration of several JBoss Technologies in a minimal amount of time. This was a great case study, hopefully he can do a white paper or do a blog about it.  He used EDS (Teiid) as one of the component. He did release his code in git repo here

My presentation went very well, except for some technical difficulties during the demo. It was very well received, there were lot questions from the users ranging from whys to hows. I did felt that lot of developers never heard of data virtualization technologies before or do not fully understand its capabilities. Hopefully with these kind of conferences will help to spread the word more and more. We will also try to post more articles and demos in future.  Please help us spread the word about Data Virtulization. Unfortunately my presentation was not recorded, I will see how I can redo it and record. Mean while download Teiid, take it for spin and ask us any questions you have.

The Teiid team also closely looking into Hibernate OGM and have intentions integrating with NOSQL stores like Infinispan, Cassendra, MangoDB. If you are familiar with these or any other NOSQL stores and want to write Teiid translators please talk to us and help contributing to the community.

IBM sponsored "Summit at Fenway Park", it was lot of fun taking a tour of the Fenway, and stepping on the grounds for batting pose.

Thank you.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Data Virtualization @ Redhat Summit 2012

You have heard about Data Virtualization, but do not completely understand what it is and what benefits it brings to your organization?

Are you still on the fence about Data Virtualization technologies?

Are you considering Data Virtulization technology for your enterprise but do not know what are some essential features you need to be looking out to make it a successful evaluation of technology? Would like to know some common do and don'ts in choosing a vendor?

Would you like to know how other enterprises are using the Data Virtualization technology? What are the problems they are trying to solve?

If you answered "yes" to any one of the above questions, please attend my session "The Power of Data Virtualization" at Redhat Summit 2012

In this session, I will describe what this technology about, and essential features you need to be looking in a Data Virtualization vendor and take you through some usecases that enterprises are using the Data Virtualization technology.

I will also demonstrate an example to show case the JBoss Enterprise Data Services platform an offering from Redhat in Data Virtualization.

If you have not registered for conference, please register for Redhat Summit 2012 and come see us.

Thank You.

Ramesh Reddy.