Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teiid 8.0.alpha1 - JBoss AS7 based Teiid

Teiid Team is proud to announce the availability of Teiid 8.0-alpha1 release. This is the first release of Teiid that is based on JBoss AS 7 as host environment. It is also start of the next major revision for Teiid and departure from Teiid 7.x releases. There will not be any more 7.x based releases. There is still lot more work to do for 8.0 Final release, this is our effort to get the community involved early on and weed out any possible regressions.

There are many things changed with respect to AS7, as it completely re-written and entirely different from JBoss 5.x and 6.x releases. For details please see the AS7 documentation. That means there are numerous changes tricked down for Teiid too. I will list some issues to look out for

  • All the deprecated features from the 7.x release have been removed.
  • AS7 provides completely new way of configuration. Teiid utilizes this new configuration mechanism. Fully Supports CLI based administration.
  • Deployment of artifacts such as vdbs and data sources is different from 7.x releases
  • Class loading in AS7 is modularized, that means no more copying of your jdbc jar files into "lib" directory and expect to work. 
  • We are in process of updating the documents to reflect changes (we have done some).
  • Dynamic VDB is not working yet. It will be fixed before final (AS7-1920)
  • Designer is not yet available for 8.0.0.alpha1 release, however you can still use the older Designer to build the VDB. The preview functionality will not work with new server yet. (This will be coming soon..)
  • No "admin-console" application available yet for Teiid. If you can contribute for this please talk to us. We are looking for developers with GWT experience.
If you have VDBs from previous release, they work as is, if you were not using any deprecated features. There is a change as to how you deploy the VDB and how you create the data sources to be used by the VDB. There is absolutely no change in how you access the data, that is JDBC interface.

Excited? if you want to take it for test drive,
  1. Download the AS7-CR1 release and install it by unzipping it
  2. Download the Teiid 8.0.alpha1 and overly the zip file on AS7 install directory
Then start the Teiid in "standalone" mode

${as7-install}/bin/ --server-config=standalone-teiid.xml

to start in the "domain" mode

${as7-install}/bin/ -c domain-teiid.xml --host-config=host-teiid.xml

Surprised? What was your boot time? This is just a beginning. We plan to write couple blogs during this 8.0 release that introduces to all advantages of the new AS7 + Teiid 8.0 platform. Stay tuned.

Thank you.

The Teiid Team.