Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Teiid Designer Progressing

We've made substantial progress toward a full release of Teiid Designer 6.0.0. Taking a half million lines of Java code into open source has been a daunting task and we're almost there.

To hold you over until 6.0.0 is ready, we released a second SNAPSHOT for download. This SNAPSHOT provides full functionality of Designer's Preview Data feature as well as delivering native JDBC driver templates to assist in quickly getting you set up to import your source schema for model creation. All you'll need to provide are the driver jar's themselves.

Note the following features are not fully functional due to Extension metamodel problems incurred as a result of our EMF upgrade from version 2.1 to 2.4.
  • Extension model creation and editing
  • Web Service as Relational Source Model importer
  • XML Schema as Relational Source Model importer
  • Salesforce as Relational Source Model importer
So install this latest pre-release version and try out Designer's data virtualization modeling framework. Import from multiple, related or disparate data sources. Does your data reside in different databases or systems? Got DB2, Oracle and SQL Server? Doesn't matter. Teiid Designer can import your schema and create reusable, queriable relational models. Transform your data into virtual views or tables that better represent your business needs.

Want to go further? Create a Virtual Database of your models in Designer and execute queries against the VDB deployed in Teiid embedded within Designer to exercise the power of federated data access.

... oh... and give us your feedback!


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