Monday, April 27, 2009

Teiid Update..

Today Teiid Designer team released a snapshot relase of upcoming 6.0.0 release kit. This version of Designer works with the Teiid 6.0.0 release. We were able to release the Teiid embedded runtime ahead of the time, however this snapshot release is significant as this provides much needed tooling support for the Teiid 6.0.0.

If you are using Teiid pre-6.0.0, you would need to download both Designer and Embedded kits. Apart from fixing many issues, the release introduces the support for native vendor driver support for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server. Teiid previously already supported MySQL, Derby, PostGres along with Data Direct specific JDBC drivers and various XML and Text sources. We will be adding more supported drivers in future releases, however, if you are looking for support for a specific data source and one is not available, please let us know.

In this release, you would be able to import metadata, and preview data and build a connector in one easy step. Thanks and kudos for new classpath editor and workflow changes by elivisisking which removed hassle of manually setting the classpath for connectors, which makes creating Connector automatic in a snap!

Please note to support this snapshot release we have re-kitted the Teiid 6.0.0 embedded kit with some necessary patches, so if in case you have downloaded the Teiid 6.0.0 before, please download it again for the updated one.

Thank you.


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