Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JCA Container Integration, Why Teiid needs it? - Part 1

A huge architectural change for the Teiid runtime is upcoming up in Teiid 7.0 release. Teiid is being integrated into a JCA container - JBossAS 5.1.0 GA. In this new platform you can expect all the data integration features of Teiid with power and flexibility of JBossAS.

If you are thinking, Teiid is a relational data integration engine what does it has to do with a JEE container? This has little do with Web technologies. It is all about JCA (Java Connector Architecture) and the advanced development features of JBossAS. Let me explain each reason in a multi-part series of articles.

Reason 1: Right ingredients. Integrate with modules designed by the domain experts.

Even though Teiid is a data integration engine, the inner runtime workings of Teiid apart from the command parsing, relational planner and optimization engine are much more similar to any enterprise server application. Like security, user management, resource management, log management, caching, availability, scalability, reliability. How about the usage of current day's POJO based IOC containers, Management APIs and various tools associated with them? Over the past 7~8 years of MetaMatrix/Teiid development all of these features were home grown per customer need. However many of these features were not developed per industry standards since no relevant standards existed at the time nor did customers demand standards compliance. As a result Teiid has ended up with tens and thousands of lines to code to replicate what has become common container functionality. The Teiid Team claims to be experts in the data integration arena and leveraging an alternative runtime platform allows us to maintain a sharper focus.

Not coincidentally the JBoss AS 5 platform, built using the highly extensible and feature rich Microcontainer environment/framework, provides not only a JCA container, but a POJO based service framework with dependency injection, AOP, virtual file system, deployer and management frameworks which are ideal for developing robust software. JBoss AS is also a vibrant and exciting community ready to help with any issues. So, for Teiid we choose Microcontainer as the underlying framework to redesign Teiid's service components and JBoss AS host environment.

This will not only dramatically reduce the code foot print of Teiid, but will leverage a wealth of existing documentation and knowledge around utilizing JBoss AS, Microcontainer, and JCA. We still however did not talk in-depth about the JCA container part of it - that will be coming up in the next article.



  1. Nice!
    Can you point me to MC pieces for a quick peek of what you've been doing? :-)


  2. Thanks Ales.

    The work is still in progress, but you can see deployer work here



    The Teiid services are also updated as MC pojo beans and that configuration can be seen here


    Also, we have been using the management api & profile service to manage these artifacts.