Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teiid 7.0-Final Released

After a long journey (9 months after 6.2 release), we are very excited to announce the release of Teiid 7.0. We revamped the Teiid architecture and removed quite a bit of legacy MetaMatrix to poise our project for future development. At the same time we now integrate seemlessly with other JBoss technologies such JBoss AS, Microcontainer, JOPR, JBossTM, PicketLink, Netty, etc. Teiid is ready to meet your data integration challenges.

While simplification was a consistent goal of this release, Teiid still supports most of the features available in Teiid 6.2 and earlier. Some notable new features are:
  • The runtime environment. Now Teiid runs inside the JBoss AS. Check out all the benefits in "JCA Container Integration, why Teiid needs it?" series.
  • Simplified Connector development with a split into the Teiid Translator API (largely defined by a single class) and JCA.
  • Enhanced JAAS based security. Many out of the box implementations available.
  • Support for JCA based connectors.
  • JOPR web-based administrative & monitoring tool.
  • Groovy based scripting environment for administrative tasks.
  • Text and web service integration has been redesigned from the ground up to simplify usage.
  • Nearly all of SQL/XML 2003 support has been added, as well as XMLTABLE and XMLQUERY from SQL/XML 2006.
  • The documentation set has been updated and expanded.
  • Many, many and many more features.
See the release notes for more.

In our testing, Teiid 7.0 is significantly fastest with improvements to buffering, threading, and caching. So, why wait? download today, and give it a try.

Teiid 7.0 is just the beginning -- check out Teiid 7.1 roadmap for more exciting features in the pipeline.

Thank you.

Teiid Team

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