Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teiid Designer 7.0 Released

Teiid Designer 7.0 is ready to roll and is now available for download.

It's been difficult to keep up with all of the important, fundamental changes to Teiid 7.0 but we are finally there.

This release provides a much more integrated Eclipse experience targeted for developers who want to create, integrate and manage various types of data sources. In Designer 7.0, you will now utilize Eclipse's Data Tools Platform and it's inherent connection profile management framework to assist in both importing/creating relational source models and in testing your VDB's via Teiid JDBC connections.

Creating and editing your VDB's has been greatly simplified in Designer and this release also provides a quick means to deploy and test your VDB's in a running Teiid server.

The primary goals of this release were:
  • Provide upgraded tooling for creating and managing deployable Teiid artifacts (VDBs)
  • Simplify VDB creation, editing and management
  • Replace custom connection framework with existing Eclipse DTP functionality
  • Provide seamless source connection transition between DTP, Designer and Teiid
  • Expose basic runtime Teiid API functionality necessary for VDB deployment and data access through DTP
See the release notes for more details of the work behind this release.

So use our new Quick Start Guide and go give it a test drive!

Thank you.

Teiid Designer Team

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