Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Convert XML data into Relational Table data using Teiid

In this article I will show how to convert XML data into relational form using Teiid using "XMLTABLE" SQL/XML function. XMLTABLE is defined in SQL/XML 2006 specification and is supported by most major databases like Oracle, DB2 etc. XMLTABLE functionality is introduced in Teiid 7.0. If you are already familiar with using this function it is no different in using it in Teiid.

Please see this WIKI article for complete information.

Generating XML data from the Relational Data:

If you need to produce the XML data Teiid provides various SQL/XML functions for that purpose too. Check out this article on the available SQL/XML functions. These are functions are also supported by Teiid.

In a future article, we will how show you how to use these SQL/XML functions and create a web service by just using the Teiid Designer and Teiid.

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