Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teiid 7.1 Final Released

Teiid 7.1 continues the 7.x series with numerous features and performance improvements. Here are some highlights:
  • ODBC Support - Support for ODBC access is now available through PostgreSQL ODBC driver clients. See the Client Developer's Guide for more on how to use Teiid's ODBC access.
  • Native Materialized Tables - views marked as materialized without a target table will be materialized internally by Teiid. Materialized view tables will be indexed by the primary key of the view if present and can be controlled through the expanded cache hint. There are also new system procedures refreshMatView and refreshMatViewRow to refresh materialized view table contents.
  • Expanded Cache Hint - The cache hint can now specify pref_mem to indicate that data should prefer to be held in memory, ttl to indicate the time-to-live, and updatable to indicate that a materialized view with a primary key can be updated by row with the refreshMatViewRow system procedure.
  • SQL Support
    • Added NULLS FIST/LAST handling - including pushdown support.
    • Added enhanced numeric stat aggregate functions STDDEV_POP, STDDEV_SAMP, VAR_POP, VAR_SAMP, with pushdown and aggregate decomposition.
    • Added support for the boolean aggregate functions ANY, SOME, EVERY.
    • Added support for using boolean value expression as both criteria and expressions, e.g. "... where boolean_value" or "select x = 1 as boolean_value ...".
    • Changed named procedure syntax to accept param=>value, rather than param=value.
    • Added PRIMARY KEY and the associated index support to temp tables.

  • Parallel Source Queries - reestablished parallel execution of source queries within a query plan along with a prioritized work system to help prevent resource contention.
  • Improved Insert Support - Cross source inserts using a query expression can defer to the source to perform the entire insert atomically with source controlled batching. See maxPreparedInsertBatchSize on any JDBC translator supporting the new InsertWithIterator capability.
  • SHOW Statement - added client handling for the SHOW statement to retrieve query plan information and see parameter values.
  • User Identity - Teiid DataSources in JBossAS connecting to a local Teiid instance can preserve the thread's user identity, rather than requiring a new authentication. See TeiidDataSource.setPassthroughAuthentication.
  • VDB Versioning - The VDB version may be determined by the deployed file name. The expected pattern is .Version.vdb. See the Admin Guide for more on how to use VDB versioning.
See the release notes for more details. Download today, give it try, and let us know what you think and what features you would want in upcoming releases.

The Teiid Team

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