Tuesday, February 14, 2012

8.0.0 alpha2

Second instalment in 8.0 series is now available as 8.0.0.alpha2 release. This release is designed to be deployed on AS7 7.1.0-CR1b.

The main changes include in this release are

- New data type, VARBINARY has been added.
- Documentation moved to confluence
- Enhanced comparison support, includes comparable lobs, padded string comparison support and collation support.
- Event ids along with all logged messages
- many more bug fixes.

Dynamic VDBs are still not supported, however once the AS 7.1.0-Final is released this will be supported.

Test it out and let us know if any features not working as you expected or any new features you would like to see in 8.0-Final release as the window for new features is narrowing.

Thank you community for the valuable input. Keep em coming!


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