Monday, February 13, 2012

Teiid 7.7 CR1 Posted

7.7 CR1 is now available.  7.7 is becoming a more feature-full release, highlights include:

  • Excel JDBC Translator - for use with Excel using the JDBC-ODBC bridge.
  • Salesforce Aggregates - salesforce pushdown queries now support GROUP BY, HAVING, and the standard aggregate functions.
  • Comparable LOBs - the system property org.teiid.comparableLobs can be set to use CLOB and BLOB values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations.
  • Padded String Comparison - the system property org.teiid.padSpace can be set to effectively right pad strings to the same length for comparison.
Over 40 issues have been addressed in total.  Please validate any features or fixes of interest before the final release.

The Teiid Team

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