Monday, February 27, 2012

Teiid 7.7 Final Released

We are pleased to announce Teiid 7.7 is now available.  While mostly a fix release with nearly 50 issues addressed, highlights of 7.7 features include:
  • Excel JDBC Translator - for use with Excel using the JDBC-ODBC bridge.
  • Salesforce Aggregates - salesforce pushdown queries now support GROUP BY, HAVING, and the standard aggregate functions.
  • Comparable LOBs - the system property org.teiid.comparableLobs can be set to use CLOB and BLOB values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations.
  • Padded String Comparison - the system property org.teiid.padSpace can be set to effectively right pad strings to the same length for comparison.
See the release notes for more details.  Download today, give it try, and vote for or log features you want in upcoming releases.



  1. Hi, i am still in the process of learning to use teiid and designer: is there a designer version suitable to this latest release or there will be a 7.7 designer version too? Thanks,

  2. I believe they are targeting to release in next couple weeks. However, meanwhile you can use Teiid Designer 7.6. The Designer 7.6 will work with Teiid 7.7