Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Domain Mode Aware Teiid

Teiid 8.0.0.Beta2 is released today with  "domain mode" support provided by JBoss AS 7. This release is based on JBoss AS 7.1.1

So, what does "domain mode" provide to Teiid?

When you have more than one JBoss AS instance in your server farm and if they are started in domain mode, all the configuration options of this server farm can be centrally managed. For example, you can deploy a VDB or create a data source across all the instances, with one single CLI based call.  Teiid extends this configuration concept to deploy the VDBs, Translators across the whole server farm.

Also, when domain mode is combined with "HA (high availability)" profile, one can cluster the JBoss AS server instances that are deployed. Teiid chooses the HA profile as default profile in its "domain-teiid.xml" file. When the Server is started using the "domain-teiid.xml" the distributed caching that is used for ResultSet caching and Internal Materialized caching is automatically configured. The usage of Admin API is same in both standalone mode and domain mode. See the following document to start in Domain Mode with cluster capabilities.

When multiple Teiid instances are available in a cluster, you can make use load balancing and fail-over features. Check out Teiid documents.

Other Stuff

We are fast approaching CR1 release in next couple weeks, then soon followed by  8.0.0-Final, so check your use cases and let us know if you see any issues before it is too late to get them into 8.0.0-Final.

We are also planning the 8.1 work currently, so if you have any feature(s) you think that Teiid should implement speak up and open a dialogue in Teiid forums.

We are looking for GWT experts to help us with Teiid Console application in 8.1, so if you got some time to spare and want to contribute back to Teiid, please contact us.

Download and try it out and let us know if you see any issues or question in Teiid forums.

Thank you.


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