Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EDS 5.3 available from Red Hat

If you have been working with Teiid 7.7 version and would like a supported version then look no further than EDS 5.3 from Red Hat.  Red Hat just announced release of their Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 which is based on the community projects Teiid and ModeShape and many more.

Some of the key highlights include

  • New data sources: Greenplum, PostgreSQL 9, Apache Hive (tech preview)
  • Performance enhancements
  • New wizards, guides, cheatsheets to enhance tooling usability.
If you are already a subscriber of EDS from Red Hat, then can you download the bits from Red Hat portal now. This also comes with supported tooling JBoss Developer Studio 5.0. Check out new wizards that can help you consume web services or file based sources with ease in EDS.

If you are contemplating on why do you need supported version? well if you are going to deploy a critical application into production environment and need immediate assistance on the product then supported version is the only solution. The product versions are tightly integrated, stable and battle tested on variety of platforms by Red Hat and come with 5 years of support on given version major version. Contact Red Hat sales for more details.

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