Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teiid 8.1 Final Released, Brings back "embedded" Teiid

The Teiid Team is very excited to announce the availability of Teiid 8.1-Final for JBoss AS 7.1.1.  If you are working with Teiid 8.0, we highly recommend to migrate to 8.1-Final version, as we have about 100 issues resolved along with many new features.

In Teiid 6.x versions, Teiid used to support a "embedded" version, this feature has been removed from 7.x versions, now it has been resurrected  with slightly different purpose.

Teiid Embedded

The main purpose of "Teiid Embedded" is to provide a data virtualization framework with full metadata definitions, query planning and query optimizations across multiple disparate sources with full query features minus any platform specific details such as external vdb deployments, connection management, clustering, authentications etc.  This provides a perfect environment to write a very specific data integration and virtualization needs in any vertical market for your application with out any JBoss AS specific dependencies.

To support the "Teiid Embedded", we have added separate downloadable kit, with a fully functional example.  Go ahead download it, and hack it away. BTW, please let us now if there are any features we can add to improve your usecase.  Also check out blog by Andrily on Teiid Embedded

Below are other notable new features in the Teiid 8.1-Final
  • TEIID-1366 VDB Reuse - a vdb.xml can now declare imported vdbs to reuse metadata. This is a huge feature, will do another blog on this very soon.
  • TEIID-2061 Comparable Object - the system property org.teiid.comparableObject can be set to use OBJECT values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations. It is expected that the object values correctly implement Comparable.compareTo.
  • TEIID-2083 Admin Metadata - you can now retrieve metadata in DDL from the admin api via the getSchema method. This works for Designer defined VDBs too. Design a VDB in Designer and deploy it and ask for its metadata in DDL.
  • TEIID-2105 Improved VDB loading - vdb loading logic was refined to make administration easier. ExecutionFactory now has is/setSourceRequiredForMetadata() to indicate whether a source connection is needed for the getMetadata call.
  • TEIID-1598 Translator Result Caching - translators can interact with the result set caching facility via a CacheDirective. See the Developer's Guide for more.
  • TEIID-2077 Result reuse - the engine will automatically detect if the same source query is used multiple times in a plan and reuse the result rather than issuing another query.
  • TEIID-2113 Misc parser improvements - the parser will now accept the LATERAL keyword for defining a LATERAL join (previously we just used the TABLE keyword), unary negation is now supported e.g. -col1, the FOR keyword is optional for TEXTAGG, and the BNF documentation was dramatically improved.
  • TEIID-2036 Dependent Join Array Comparison - platforms supporting array comparisons can have multi-attribute dependent joins pushed down as array comparisons. Oracle, PG, and H2 translators are already marked as supporting array types.

Due to the time constraints and JBoss AS 7.2 time line, Teiid still does not have administrative console GUI web application.  We believe we will provide a initial version of this console in Teiid 8.2 release.

Also, a fully compatible Teiid Designer for Teiid 8.0 is still in works. Until one is available, use Teiid Designer 7.7 to develop your VDBs - however you will not be able be able to administer/preview a Teiid 8.1 server.

Also many thanks all our community users especially Mark Addleman, Andriy Rokhmanov, Manoj Agarwal, Simon Green, Bob Akers, Deshi Xiao, Nabeel Ahmed, Heidi Muehlebach in providing valuable input through their JIRAs and community suggestions.

Guys keep them coming, please help us make Teiid a thriving community that provides solutions in Data Virtualization space.

Thank you.

Ramesh & Steve

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