Friday, September 28, 2012

Teiid 8.2 Alpha2 Released

8.2 Alpha2 has been posted to the downloads: 
Teiid 8.2, is beginning to be feature packed release with a long overdue feature of exception handling in virtual procedures. A developer can write code like RAISE SQLEXCEPTION .. and capture that event in the client with a SQLException. Read more about it at 
Native Query support is expanded. What is native query, how is it related? Well a native query any arbitrary command (SQL or otherwise) that is specific to a given source. With this new feature, every Teiid translator provides a mechanism, where you can submit any native command directly to the physical source through translator, and translator will execute and return the results. Why you need it? Well, taking an example of Oracle, lets say you have written a very specialized optimized query and you would like to submit as is with out Teiid re-writing it, then this is way to do that. The usecases are endless when you think about non-relational sources like NOSQL stores. However, this comes with word of caution , that is when using this feature, any abstract nature of your view where the results can be predicted is not maintained through Teiid layers. This also exposes your source directly to anybody would like to issue arbitrary commands, so use this feature with caution or lock-it down with a data role if you do not use it. Read more 

We are starting to foray into integration with Big data stores. We have released Hive based translator for HDFS in the previous release, in this release we are presenting object/infinispan translator for cache and for source integration. This will be our framework for bringing in object/document based stores into Teiid. This combined with OBJECTTABLE construct introduced in the 8.2 Alpha1 going to be very useful and productive.

Teiid 8.2 Beta1 will be in early October.  Be sure to take a test drive and log any issues found.  There is still plenty of time to get some more small features in, so come to Teiid forums and ask a question.

Redhat is also putting together a Redhat Integration week, if you have not registered, register and join us for many sessions around Redhat supported middleware integration stack, which also involves Teiid! 
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