Friday, September 7, 2012

Teiid on OpenShift demo is available!

We now have a Teiid demo available for deployment to OpenShift.  Teiid allows you to access and integrate data from a variety of distributed data sources - in real-time, without moving your data from its system of record.  OpenShift is Red Hat's Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

You can now deploy the Teiid engine to a free OpenShift cloud instance and try it for yourself!  To get your free demo started today, see our install instructions .

The demo provides easy-to-follow articles which will show you how to access and integrate data from three disparate sources:
  • MySQL database containing account data
  • Twitter feed webservice
  • Salesforce instance
These are just a few of the many sources you can access with Teiid.  And with Teiid, you can easily join any of the sources to create your own federated data views!

We also show you how to access your Teiid-OpenShift VDB (virtual database) in a number of ways: 
  • Submit ad-hoc queries via the provided browser-based query application.
  • Connect via JDBC - with your favorite database or reporting tools.
  • Deploy and access as a REST service.
Want to find out more?  See our install instructions on github to get started!

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