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Introducing Teiid Admin Web Console - 1.0.CR1

Teiid team is very exited to introduce a new GWT based administrative console for Teiid starting with version 8.2.x

If you are already using slick JBoss AS7 web console, then you already know how good, quick and snappier it is to configure and manage JBoss AS7. Now, you can use the same console to configure and manage Teiid. This new console is an extension to the JBoss AS7 console, written using GWT based technology and uses AS7 DMR underneath for remote communication with Teiid Subsystem on JBoss AS7.

The code for Teiid Admin Web Console is  hosted at

You can find some documentation at

With the new console you can
  • Configure  Teiid
  • Deploy VDBs
  • Check the status of the VDB
  • Check deployment errors of the VDB
  • View models in a VDB and check their properties and and any error associated with them
  • Check data roles, manage role assignments
  • Check current sessions logged against VDB
  • View current requests against a VDB and ability to cancel them
  • View the schema of a VDB
  • View the query-plan of a in-flight query
  • Check and manage the status materialization tables
and much more. Please download the Teiid Web Console and give it a try and give us feedback and what other features you would like to see in this tool future releases. Also if you like GWT programming and would like to contribute to the project please let us know.

Thank you.



  1. This looks good! But can you clarify its name? It it:

    * Teiid Web Console
    * Teiid Admin Web Console
    * Teiid Admin Console

    1. I had same feeling when I was writing the document. There is also

      * Teiid Console

      as AS7 calls it just "console", for project name and GitHub name but in communications they call it web-console. Teiid also has RHQ based console in its roadmap. So, we want make sure we choose some name that is not conflicting each other and synonymous with AS7.

      +1 Teiid Console

      then call Teiid RHQ Console or Teiid JON Console. What do you suggest?


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