Friday, January 11, 2013

Planning started on Teiid Designer Komodo release

With the changes in Teiid 8.x coming on-line and the use of Dynamic VDB's in Openshift becoming more visible, it's become apparent that Teiid's primary tooling, Teiid Designer, should re-visit it's architecture and embrace these concepts.

A few discussions have already occurred amongst community members and a release code-name Komodo (a type of lizard akin to Teiid, the whip-tail lizard) was adopted to identify the next-generation Teiid Designer for the time being.

Options for incorporating elements of Teiid's new direction could be accomplished through drastically modifying/removing Designer's current underlying EMF framework and developing anew from a fresh user perspective. In addition there may be benefits to creating a tighter coupling between Komodo and Teiid runtime, as well as incorporating other JBoss technologies/projects like ModeShape and SRAMP work being done in Overlord.

A summary of the discussions that have taken place and links to applicable JIRAs are available via wiki at: Teiid Designer Komodo Release Development Plan

Check it out...feel free to chime in, comment on or add your ideas!

Barry LaFond
Teiid Designer Project

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