Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teiid 8.5 Beta2

Teiid 8.5 Beta2 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads.  Feature highlights since Beta1 include:
  • TEIID-2614 Anonymous procedure blocks - anonymous procedure blocks may be used as statements. See the Reference for more.  
  • TEIID-247 Expanded array support - added parsing, JDBC and other support for arrays. See the Reference for more. Note that this support should be considered a tech preview and will be expanded/refined over subsequent releases.
Given that array support is an evolving feature if you have any interest in its please provide as much early feedback as possible.

Also issues are starting to be moved into the 8.6 release target.  If you have anything pressing, please log/vote for it so that it can be prioritized appropriately.


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