Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teiid Designer 8.3 Beta 1 milestone available

Teiid Designer 8.3, targeted for release late next month, is focused on bug fixing and improving the integration of the JBoss server and Teiid runtime frameworks.

We've released our first milestone, 8.3 Beta1 and it's available from our downloads page via zip archive or update site.

Highlights include...

Addressed problems re-deploying non-JDBC data sources
Improved Teiid Configuration tree behavior
  • TEIIDDES-1730 - Add Create Teiid VDB Data Source action to VDB selection
  • TEIIDDES-1835 - Add preview artifact management actions
  • TEIIDDES-1847 - Filter preview artifacts in tree if not tied to current runtime user     
  • TEIIDDES-1814 - Remove Teiid-specific server creation dialog
Teiid Designer Team

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