Thursday, March 6, 2014

Teiid on OpenShift

Are you looking for solution where Teiid deployed on PaaS solution like OpenShift? Please look at below articles that show two separate examples n OpenShift.

1) Provision Data Virtualization on OpenShift and Connect from Teiid Designer

2) Salesforce as a REST Service using Data Virtualization

Please take a test drive, let us know your comments.




  1. Ramesh,
    Great articles.
    I am new to teiid and i am working on poc and its matter of urgency. I would like to know if there is teiid adaptor for kairosdb. basically kairosdb works in JSON format, it takes queries in JSON and responses back the result in JSON itself. So can you please help out in developing teiid translator for kairosdb. Help is much appreciated. Thanks

  2. Ashish,

    This is not the right place to have this thread, please use the resources from In particular use for questions related to developing new connectivity.