Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kerberos authentication with Teiid

Teiid supports kerberos authentication over its JDBC and ODBC driver. It is also possible to configure OData access to use kerberos using SPNEGO with little amount of configuration.

Recently I wrote few articles while testing the feature, if interested see
  1. A practical "how-to" guide to Kerberos authentication with Teiid over JDBC
  2. A practical "how-to" guide to implement kerberos authentication with Simple REST Web App
  3. A "how to" guide to "delegate" kerberos token to REST based data source in Teiid
In article (1) shows how to configure Teiid to participate in Kerberos authentication.

In article (2) I showed a example to create simple web-app to configure with SPNEGO to participate in Kerberoes.

In article (3) I showed an example, to delegate the logged in user into Teiid, to the REST web-service as passthrough with out extra negotiation. 



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