Thursday, September 25, 2014

8.9 Beta2 Available

8.9 Beta2 has been posted to the downloads:

This pre-release builds upon Beta1 to provide performance improvements for dup removal and any usage of our internal table structure and many new fixes.  In fact we are up to ~75 issues being addressed and will likely get close to 100 before the end of the release.

Special thanks to Joseph Chidiac for uncovering a variety of issues from Salesforce to windowing and general planning issues.  Community usage of the later pre-releases is vital to producing a quality final release.  So be sure to engage the forums and log issues as soon as you experience them.

Expect a candidate release to follow in approximately 2 weeks.  At which time we can start on the 8.10 and ideally the 9.0 Wildfly efforts.


Steve / The Teiid Team

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