Monday, September 8, 2014

Teiid 8.9 Beta1

8.9 Beta1 is now available from the downloads and maven.  Feature highlights since Alpha1 include:
  • TEIID-3050 Increased Insert Performance with sources that support batching or insert with iterator.
  • TEIID-3044 Function Metadata is available through system tables and DatabaseMetaData.
  • TEIID-1910 TeiidPlatform for EclipseLink integration is now provided via the teiid-eclipselink-platform jar in maven.
With a total of 59 issues addressed so far, this continues to be primarily a fix release - but there's still time to vote for or log enhancements to make this release.

Ideally we'll still get OData 4 support via Olingo in the near term.  However it is becoming doubtful that it will make it into the 8.9 release.

Thanks again for all the community support, especially when there are infrastructure issues. We try to ensure that every forum posting gets attention, but notifications are still inconsistent at best. If something hasn't been addressed in a couple of days, feel free to re-comment on your topic.


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