Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teiid 8.9 CR2

We are happy and trepidatious about the availability of 8.9 CR2 in the downloads and maven.  This moves us closer to the final, but introduces two important and late changes:

  • The target platform is now EAP 6.3 Alpha.  This platform change better aligns us with more recent product releases and removed the need for applying the RESTEasy patch. We also have a high degree of confidence in the changes as we have already been through this effort for productizing DV 6.1. You may however need to be signed into a jboss.org account for the EAP 6.3 Alpha download - we are working with the EAP team to get that restriction removed.   
  • The semantics of the pg transport security configuration have changed. By default the socket configuration has SSL disabled.  If login security is used, then clients will be required to use a secure login - which is currently only GSS.  If SSL is fully enabled, then clients will be required to use SSL. This more closely matches the behavior of the JDBC transport.  There is a backwards compatibility option if needed - see System Properties.
Given these changes we'll expect another CR release before the final.  We apologize for the delay as we typically do want to stick as close as possible to a quarterly release.  

Thanks again for all of the community effort in logging issues.  We are up to 110 addressed for this release, so we are expecting a high quality result.  Work will begin shortly on 8.10, which means that now is the time to vote for or log issues to be included in that release.


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