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The 3 big problems with data and how to avoid them

The 3 big problems with data and how to avoid them

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You’re invited to attend the Beyond Big Data Webinar Series, a set of 5 Red Hat webinars. Read more about the entire series.

Webinar 1: The 3 big problems with data—and how to avoid them
November 5, 2014, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

No matter what your organization looks like, chances are you're wrestling with at least one of the following data challenges:
  • Data silos that are difficult to access when needed
  • Point-to-point integration that doesn't scale
  • Data sprawl leading to security and compliance risks
Join this webinar to learn how to implement a data strategy and architecture to avoid these problems.

Syed Rasheed, solution marketing manager, Red Hat
Syed Rasheed, solution marketing manager at Red Hat, coordinates marketing, evangelism, and consulting activities. In addition to helping customers address integration challenges, he is responsible for working with customers, partners, and industry analysts to ensure next-generation Red Hat technology meets customer requirements for building business process automation and integration solutions. Syed is an 18-year veteran of the IT industry with extensive experience in business process management systems, business intelligence, and data management technologies. His work spans several industries, including financial services, banking, and telecommunications.

Ken Johnson, director of product management, Red Hat
Ken Johnson, Red Hat director of product management, is responsible for SOA and data integration products and technologies. Prior to joining Red Hat, Ken was a senior engineering manager at MetaMatrix, Inc., a pioneer in the enterprise information integration (EII) market. He has also held technical leadership positions at Vignette Corporation, Oberon Software, and Sybase, Inc., with a focus on application integration and data management technologies.

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