Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teiid 8.10 CR1

Teiid 8.10 CR1 is available from the downloads and maven.  Feature highlights since Beta2 include:
  • TEIID-3043 Docker Image - can now be produced by the build.
The geospatial feature continues to evolve. We'll now read geometry values from Oracle, Postgresql/Postgis, and MySQL - including their SRID's. There are also now 18 system functions.

Ideally the final release should be ready by the 20th, but that will of course depend upon any issues that still need to be addressed.

Work on Teiid 8.11 is expected to start sometime next week, so be sure to let us know if there are any issues that you would like to get in.



  1. Where can I get more info on the Docker image?

  2. With CR1 we hit a last minute snag, but with CR2 we will upload image to the DockerHub, so you can pull the image directly from there.

  3. BTW, CR2 should be released today

  4. I see the CR2 being available and see teiid repository @docker but when I perform docker pull teiid/teiid i get the following:
    Pulling repository teiid/teiid
    FATA[0002] Tag latest not found in repository teiid/teiid

  5. I uploaded now, the tag is "8.10.0.CR2". IMO "latest" tag is overloaded, as you do not what you are working with, it may work fine when one does not care like OS. I did not find a way to tag multiple names for single image, that seems bad.

    docker pull teiid/teiid:8.10.0.CR2

    docker start -d -P --name=teiid810 teiid/teiid:8.10.0.CR2

    # to add a Teiid or Admin user
    docker exec -it teiid810 bash
    cd jboss-eap-6.3/bin

    I would say use "docker start" and "docker stop" so that any configuration you do is not lost when exit the "docker run" command.

    # gives all the port mappiings; or use "-p" in start command to match what you want to map to or 1:1
    docker port teiid810

    I need to work on some simple recipes of docker commands for Teiid to show an example; stay tuned for blog on the subject very soon. Mean while if work up something, let us know.