Friday, March 27, 2015

OReva - Fork of OData4J library

Teiid community depends upon OData4J for its V2 implementation of the OData protocol. We see that there has been not much activity in OData4J project for last 2 years, so we consider this is project is effectively dead by all means. However, Teiid community still on hook to support our OData V2 implementation for little while longer (I see at least 2 yrs), for that reason we have forked this project and calling it "OREVA".

I have somewhat simplified the offering by removing the JDBC and JPA as we do not use those modules, but rest of core protocol is intact. We will try to keep it up with any bug fixes and maintenance. So, if you are wanting to submit a patch or work on some enhancements you can always come and talk to us,  patches are Welcome.

Here is the fork   If there is enough interest form OData4J remaining community, I do not mind moving this to different GitHub organization other than Teiid. If you find a issue, use  for now we are using Teiid's issues system.

I also would like to thank John Spurlock for his all his contributions towards OData4J, Thank you. It is a very good OData framework

Thank you.



  1. It's nice of you to continue working on it.

    Have you proposed to John Spurlock of taking over the odata4j project? That way you'll simply create a new version... and less confusion for the community.


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  3. No. As I mentioned, this came out our necessity to support the library for Teiid project. Right now, I do not have any aspirations without broader community support to take beyond V2, as most of my time goes to supporting Teiid project. I am also a commiter on Apache Olingo for V4. Even though this may look like I am trying to segment the OData4J community that not all my intentions. I wanted to start something new that I can manage the way from what I learned from Teiid, may that be tools, infrastructure etc need to a run a project that I am comfortable and have control over it.

    I just heard from one of Teiid community member that, they are going to contribute to OData V3 version to OReva, that is a great news for us. I hop I can keep the momentum up.

  4. And also do not forget, I removed the JPA and JDBC interfaces from the library, IMO they do not belong core library, they need to be sub-projects. I know JPA is popular with lot of community members, but in itself is lot of work to maintain.