Monday, March 2, 2015

Teiid 8.10 Final Released

The Teiid community is excited to announce yet another perfectly time boxed release of its Data Virtualization software - version 8.10. Overall we resolved about 113 JIRA issues (features, enhancements, bugs) in this release. You can download from

A special shout out thank you goes to community member Tom Arnold and his great contributions to Geospatial support in Teiid.

The top highlights are
  • TEIID-3192 Salesforce Connectivity - connectivity was converted to the partner api provided by Salesforce rather than utilizing CXF. Please log an issue if you were utilizing features from the CXF config.
  • TEIID-3046 Recursive Common Table Expression - engine and push down support was added.
  • TEIID-3163 TEIID-3167 Text Table Enhancements - to support a general no trim option and to use a different row delimiter.
  • TEIID-991 SybaseIQ Translator - for use with SybaseIQ 15.1 and later.
  • TEIID-2882 PrestoDB Translator - for use with PrestoDB 0.85 and later.
  • TEIID-1091 Additional SQL/XML Support - XMLEXISTS, XMLTEXT, and XMLCAST were added.
  • TEIID-3216 Update Support for Google Spreadsheets
  • TEIID-2384 Geospatial Support - contributed by Tom Arnold. Adds a geometry type and several functions. See the reference for more.
  • TEIID-2816 Hbase Support - based upon the Phoenix JDBC Drirver.
  • TEIID-3043 Docker Image - can now be produced by the build.
  • TEIID-2694 REST Service - Generated REST web services now support larger binary payloads.
As always it would not have been possible without community members Bram Gadeyne, Devin Pinkston, Ivan Chan, Luca Gioppo, Madhu Garimilla, Mark Twak, Michal Warecki, Nicholas D, Rakesh Bulguri, Salvatore R, Sanjeev Gour, Shiveeta Mattoo, Tu Nguyan for their contributions. Thank you.

This release we have also release Docker Image for Teiid. Be sure to play with it and let us what you think.

End of one release means start of another yet another release 8.11. If you are using Teiid and want some features or want to contribute towards features come talk to us in Teiid Forums.

If you are thinking about production support, look into Redhat Data Virtualization.  You can also download a free developer version of upcoming DV 6.1.0 version there.

Thank you

Steve & Ramesh..

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