Monday, March 9, 2015

Welcoming the Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon
noun Ko·mo·do dragon \kə-ˈmō-dō-\
:  an Indonesian monitor lizard (Varanus komodoensis) that is the largest of all known lizards and may attain a length of 10 feet (3 meters) 


For the better part of 13 years, the primary relational modelling support behind the Teiid runtime VDB has been backed by a handful of Eclipse's EMF E-core models. Just the fact of using the "E-core" sends shivers down my spine, but it's served it's purpose for over a decade. Unfortunately, as we move forward with Teiid runtime improvements, it's become apparent that sticking with EMF (and maybe Eclipse) has become a roadblock to implementing new and more robust modelling concepts.

So, over the past year, the Teiid Designer team has been gearing up to remove the burdens of that Eclipse framework and embracing the simplicity of traditional DB terminology. In particular DDL. This initiative has been code-named Komodo as a reference to both it's Teiid (Teiidae) lineage and to the awesome power of this largest of all lizards.
In a nutshell, we're utilizing a design-time Modeshape/JCR repository for managing and persisting our design-time metadata (VDB, DDL, etc...) which allows consistent import/export of runtime metadata.

Here's a link to our on-going Komodo project plan:

Also check out a recent Komodo status presentation dated Feb 15, 2015.  Comments and suggestions are most welcome!!

So expect some buzz on this channel in the coming months. We're bringing the Komodo Engine on-line as we speak and will hopefully have initial UI prototypes to play with in a few weeks.

Barry LaFond
Teiid Designer Project

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