Friday, July 10, 2015

VDB Builder - Next Generation Teiid Tooling Available

Next Generation of Teiid Designer

The Teiid Designer team has been developing a more versatile VDB editing tool called the VDB Builder.  The VDB Builder is a command line tool that allows creating, editing and managing dynamic VDBs and their contents.

This tool is a result of our on-going Komodo initiative to develop a non-Eclipse extensible VDB editing framework. We plan to continue building out this CLI to allow full editing of VDBs and data sources and eventually adding deployment capabilities. But it is currently limited to VDB creation and editing.

This framework is rooted in adapting a local embedded ModeShape repository which utilizes sequenced node structures modeled from the Teiid vdb-deployer.xsd schema definition and Teiid BNF.

Try It Out

You can start building your VDBs now by downloading and unzipping the first milestone kit from SourceForge!
You can view and checkout the source code here:
Here are a couple of screen caps of initial welcome screen and showing the summary information for a VDB that was imported.

Future Direction

Moving forward, we plan to refine and add capabilities to the framework that will allow for other UIs to be added such as Web and Eclipse. Contributions and thoughts are welcome!

Teiid Designer Project Team

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