Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teiid 8.12 Beta2 and 8.11.3

We are further along toward the fall debut of Teiid 8.12 with the release of 8.12 Beta2 today.  The highlights of Beta1 are mostly fixes including corrections to the auto sizing of memory resources, fixing geometry methods in the EAP kit, improving the admin api, and a variety of translator issues.  We expect a CR1 in about 2 weeks.

Teiid 8.11.3 has also been released.  It contains 9 important fixes - all of which are in 8.12 Beta2.  Moving forward we anticipate supporting fix releases for longer into the cycle than we were previously.  So it should be routine for 3-4 fix releases to be issued rather than just a single one.

Both releases are available from maven and have been added to the download page: http://teiid.jboss.org/downloads/

Thanks again for all the community support,

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