Monday, November 2, 2015

Teiid Designer 9.2 Released

Primary drivers for 9.2 include:
  • Compatibility with Teiid 8.11 Runtime
  • New Features
    • Generate VDB Archive and Models from dynamic -vdb.xml file
    • Generate Dynamic -vdb.xml file from VDB archive *.vdb 
These 2 new features allow you to manage your vdb's in a simpler format and utilize Teiid Designer's detailed VDB Editor to manage data roles as well as setting various VDB runtime properties (translator overrides, allowed languages).  With 9.2, you can also deploy and test your dynamic VDBs.
  • Converts dynamic -vdb.xml files in your workspace into VDB archives (*.vdb) and models
  • Converts VDB archives (*.vdb) into dynamic -vdb.xml files

See Working with Dynamic VDBs section in documention

For details see:
Teiid Designer Project Team

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