Thursday, December 10, 2015

Teiid 8.12.3 Released

Teiid 8.12.3 has been released.  Issues addressed include:
  • [TEIID-3814] - Rest Web Service URL for VDB
  • [TEIID-3823] - Issues with fetchsize and local connections
  • [TEIID-3827] - multi-source view insert throwing TEIID30492 error
  • [TEIID-3840] - teiid-outh-util.bat - typo in name
  • [TEIID-3841] - sap-nw-gateway translator wrongly encodes when a parameter includes a space
  • [TEIID-3845] - select count(*) query not working on SimpleDB connector in Teiid
  • [TEIID-3846] - Wrong alias rewriting in subqueries
  • [TEIID-3847] - HiveTranslator should not use a Calendar for the Hive getDate
  • [TEIID-3848] - Issue with hive literal timestamps
  • [TEIID-3850] - Source caching with the cache directive can be at the wrong scope
  • [TEIID-3851] - foreign temp additional extension properties not accessible in QMI
  • [TEIID-3854] - Impala translator - ORDER BY clause using incorrect columns when not in SELECT list
  • [TEIID-3857] - ProjectIntoNode should report a transaction required even with iterator processing
  • [TEIID-3858] - Planning error with unrelated sort columns and view removal
  • [TEIID-3682] - Add logon properties to audit messages
  • [TEIID-3831] - For results set caching there should scope metadata for source tables/procedures
  • [TEIID-3829] - olingo module junit test failed
  • [TEIID-3839] - minimize implicit dependencies on sun classes
Depending upon the progression of 8.13 and the criticality of any issues discovered, this may be the last of the fix releases on 8.12.x.  Teiid 8.13 is introducing Wildfly 9 support, but no new feature work so that it provides a transitional release into Teiid 9.  Teiid 8.13 should provide Beta1 next week and the first 9.0 Alpha should be available by the end of January.


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