Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Teiid 8.13 Alpha1 with WildFly 9.0.1 Available

Teiid team is proud to announce the first ever version of Teiid with WildFly. The target version of WildFly we choose is 9.0.1.Final. You can download the its from

Most of the functionality  is available,  but following are the areas we are still working on
- Domain mode
- Web-console
- Socket performance issue

We hope to fix these by Beta 1 version, hopefully in next 3 weeks. I encourage you to download and play with it and let us know if you see any issues.

Thank you.



  1. Hi Ramesh,

    In teiid-8.12.2 embedded, in optional\webservice, I see Apache CXF 2.7.14 jars. In 8.13-Alpha, I do not see any CXF jars in any folders, is CXF no longer used?

    Thank you,

  2. Gary,

    We are kind of going towards removing the embedded kit and solely depending upon the maven pom files for dependency information. So, I may not updated embedded zip artifact. So, use the maven dependencies for "connector-ws" and "translator-ws" projects to get to all the dependencies.


    1. We will revamp the examples along these lines - you can follow

    2. Hi,

      It looks like jboss-modules is missing from some POM because it is not in the embedded zip (from our Ivy configuration):

      I had to add this a while back but I do not recall if this is needed as a general dependency or for a specific data source.