Friday, June 3, 2016

8.13.5 Available

Teiid 8.13.5 is now released. 8.13.5 addresses 15 issues since 8.13.4:
  • [TEIID-4104] - FORMATTIMESTAMP function is not correctly pushed down when a column is passed as FORMAT argument
  • [TEIID-4175] - Certain nested dependent join structure will cause fewer results than expected
  • [TEIID-4192] - If a column is blank the TEXTAGG function excludes it from the output
  • [TEIID-4207] - Limit pushdown is incorrect for simpledb
  • [TEIID-4211] - Wrong rewriting of CTEs when pushed down to PostgreSQL
  • [TEIID-4214] - Null pointer exception with trace log
  • [TEIID-4221] - HANA translator: incorrect pushdown of week function
  • [TEIID-4223] - Hana translator: incorrect pushdown of QUARTER function
  • [TEIID-4224] - HANA translator : incorrect pushdown of DAYOFWEEK function
  • [TEIID-4225] - HANA translator : DAYNAME function is not pushed
  • [TEIID-4226] - HANA translator: boolean type converted to tinyint in each convert
  • [TEIID-4235] - dynamic sql recursion check not valid after caught exception
  • [TEIID-4237] - INNER JOIN returns incorrect results
  • [TEIID-3600] - DB2 - error getting substring if "from position" is out of range
  • [TEIID-4241] - Remove dependencies used for embedded examples
Thanks again to those who reported issues including community users Salvatore R and dalex dalex.


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