Monday, May 8, 2017

Teiid 9.3 Beta2 Released

Teiid 9.3 Beta2 has been released.  Feature highlights since Beta1 include:
  • TEIID-4733 Infinispan Support via a new translator and resource adapter.
The new infinispan support greatly simplifies integration with Infinispan 9.0+. And over 110 issues have been resolved so far - please test your issues if possible before the final release.

Other news:
  • We have a GSOC student Artyom Lyan who will be working on an OrientDB translator. Welcome Artyom!
  • A Teiid 9.2.3 will be available tomorrow.
  • Teiid 9.3 CR1 will be released in about 2 weeks.
  • Teiid 10.0 work will begin in about 1 week.  It is anticipated there will be major changes and cleanups for that release.

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