Monday, April 2, 2018

Teiid 10.0.5 Released

Teiid 10.0.5 has been released. It resolves 8 issues:
  • [TEIID-5293] - Add implicit partitioning of joins to non-multisource partitioning as well
  • [TEIID-5288] - OData4 skiptoken is not pulling from the cached results
  • [TEIID-5290] - NOW() function returns the same value for each call in BEGIN...END block
  • [TEIID-5294] - Bug with the name correction logic (TEIID30151 eror)
  • [TEIID-5296] - With MongoDB, timestamp operations throw exceptions when called on null or missing values
  • [TEIID-5297] - With MongoDB, null is returned from timestamp functions if the same function is part of WHERE clause
  • [TEIID-5300] - ClassCastException during query Optimization
  • [TEIID-5301] - With MongoDB, a query with subquery in HAVING clause doesn't return any results
This is the final community release on the 10.0.x line. Please upgrade to 10.1 or 10.2 when possible. 

Planning and work has begun on Teiid 11 and Teiid 10.3 respectively. Teiid 11 will align with WildFly 12, while Teiid 10.3 will likely be the last minor release on 10.x.



  1. Thanks Steven, which major changes are expected with Teiid 11?

  2. In addition to aligning to WildFly 12 and the corresponding Swarm release, we should make progress on Debezium and general OpenShift integration (some of which has gone into 10.x as well). We should be getting an Exasol translator in 10.3 or 11. I would expect 1 other new source to make it in by then.