Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Teiid 10.1.3 Released

Teiid 10.1.3 has been released. It resolves 13 issues:
  • [TEIID-5293] - Add implicit partitioning of joins to non-multisource partitioning as well
  • [TEIID-5265] - AssertionError: Batch not found in storage
  • [TEIID-5288] - OData4 skiptoken is not pulling from the cached results
  • [TEIID-5290] - NOW() function returns the same value for each call in BEGIN...END block
  • [TEIID-5294] - Bug with the name correction logic (TEIID30151 eror)
  • [TEIID-5296] - With MongoDB, timestamp operations throw exceptions when called on null or missing values
  • [TEIID-5297] - With MongoDB, null is returned from timestamp functions if the same function is part of WHERE clause
  • [TEIID-5300] - ClassCastException during query Optimization
  • [TEIID-5301] - With MongoDB, a query with subquery in HAVING clause doesn't return any results
  • [TEIID-5310] - updateMatView does not check for null validity
  • [TEIID-5312] - NullPointerException thrown when the second time login via GSS API
  • [TEIID-5313] - Oracle translator issue with mixing string types and general issues with non-ascii strings
  • [TEIID-5315] - MATVIEW_MAX_STALENESS_PCT reloads only based upon ttl
Up next will be a 10.2.1 by the end of the week. Thanks, Steve

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