Monday, June 24, 2013

Cisco enters Data Virtualization Space

In case you haven't heard, networking  giant CISCO systems on Thursday June 20th, 2013 announced that it is buying Composite Software for $180 Million

This acquisition highlights the growing interest in the Data  Virtualization market by customers that vendors are trying to fill.

The phrase Enterprise Information Integration ( EII ) was first introduced by MetaMatrix (which is predecessor for Teiid back in 2000 and was first entrant into the market. Composite Software soon joined ranks of EII vendors and quickly established itself as a fierce competitor. MetaMatrix was acquired by Red Hat in 2007.  Red Hat initiated the process to open source the MetaMatrix software as it does with all acquired code that's not yet open. The Teiid community project was born out of these effort in January 2009.  On the path to open source, we took the opportunity to step back, re-evaluate and revamp Teiid architecture and base it on JBoss AS to best meet the needs of our customers. Though based on the enterprise-proven MetaMatrix technology, Teiid debuted as a relatively unknown software project.  The Teiid project has grown into a vibrant community today, and has established itself as de-facto open source software in this space. Now our users and customers are driving the direction of the software.

In 2011, Red Hat introduced JBoss Enterprise Data Services based Teiid (and ModeShape, another community project to emerge from MetaMatrix) in the Data Virtualization space. This put Red Hat's Enterprise Data Services Platform in the market (again) and back as a competitor with Composite Software.

So, if you are looking for Data Virtualization software, or already using Composite Software and would like to evaluate other options, try Teiid - it is FREE. If you prefer a vendor-supported offering, then contact Red Hat!

Disclaimer: I do work for Red Hat, opinions mentioned here are my own not of my employer.


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