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Teiid 8.6.Final Released

In time for holidays, Teiid team is very happy to announce the final version Teiid 8.6 is out and available for download. 8.6 has been mainly a bug fix release - with over 80 issues addressed.

Main features in this release include:
TEIID-2424 OSGI Bundles - Teiid jars are now built also as OSGI bundles. A starter Karaf osgi container features.xml file is available in maven repository with the buildTEIID-1311 Cassandra Connectivity - is now offered through a community contribution by Radek Koubský of a resource adapter and translator pair. See the reference and admin guides for more.TEIID-2309 Conformed tables - a feature to improve planning when identical tables exist in multiple sources.TEIID-2685 SAP Netweaver - enhanced the OData translator for use with Netweaver.Direct Query Procedure SupportTEIID-2740 - MongoDBTEIID-2734 - Cassandra As always, lots of great community feedback went into this release from the forums and with issues from Mark Addleman and team, Ivan Chan who h…

Teiid Designer 8.3 Final Released

Teiid Designe 8.3 Final is now available. This release reflects a lot of work bug fixing and maturing Teiid Designer's integration with JBoss Tools AS server framework as well as continuing to add functionality that supports more of Teiid translator capabilities and VDB features.

In particular...
New LDAP importer that allows creating a connection profile to connect to your LDAP service and import a relational representation of your data. Model extensions to allow setting relational properties specific to MongoDB entities. Added ability to set custom properties for importing relational metadata through your deployed data sources. Added option for Flat File importer to specify a remote URL in addition to importing local flat files. Install it now and exercise it's new functionality.
DownloadUpdate Site Teiid Designer Project Team

Teiid 8.6 CR1 Posted

8.6 CR1 to has been posted to the downloads.

Remote JDG 6 support has been added via a new resource adapter.  There have been 75 issues addressed in total. 

Any feedback on your issues or general testing is appreciated and if done soon would still be in time for the final release.

8.7 development has also started and we are excited to pick up another community contribution.  Radim Hopp has contributed an Amazon SimpleDB translator/resource adapter that furthers our integration abilities - more on this in the 8.7 posts.


Teiid 8.6 Beta2 Available

8.6 Beta2 to has been posted to the downloads.  Feature highlights include:
TEIID-2309 Added initial conformed table feature to improve planning when identical tables exist in multiple sources. Mongo support has been greatly improved thanks to Ramesh and community user Ivan Chan.  There have been over 60 other issues addressed in total.

Any early feedback you can provide should be in time for the final release, so just let us know if you encounter anything.

Any new feature work beyond what has already been started will not get picked up until 8.7.  Looking forward during the 8.7 cycle there will be more thought and requirements gathering toward 9.0 so that work can begin in parallel with 8.8.


Teiid 8.6 Alpha2 Posted

We're well underway with 8.6 development and have posted 8.6 Alpha2 to the downloads.  Feature highlights include:
TEIID-2424 Teiid jars are now built also as OSGI bundles. A starter Karaf osgi container features.xml file is available in maven repository with the buildTEIID-1311 Cassandra connectivity is now offered through a community contribution by Radek Koubský of a resource adapter and translator pair. See the reference and admin guides for more. In addition to also adding support for a generic VALUES statement, there have been over 30 other issues addressed. We will likely continue the theme of being very targeted about feature work - while addressing as many other issues as possible.

There's still plenty of time to get fixes and minor enhancements into the release so feel free to engage the community forums, issue tracker, etc.


Bring HTML Pages Into Relational World Using Web Scraping Teiid Translator

Huge thanks to our community member Andriy Rokhmanov for writing and sharing a Teiid translator with whole community.
Read more about the title of the blog at
Are you working with Teiid? Share your work in blog, code contribution, forum help etc and get recognized as Teiid ninja.
Thanks Andriy.

Teiid Designer 8.3 Beta 1 milestone available

Teiid Designer 8.3, targeted for release late next month, is focused on bug fixing and improving the integration of the JBoss server and Teiid runtime frameworks.

We've released our first milestone, 8.3 Beta1 and it's available from our downloads page via zip archive or update site.

Highlights include...

Addressed problems re-deploying non-JDBC data sources
TEIIDDES-1742 and TEIIDDES-1767 Improved Teiid Configuration tree behavior
TEIIDDES-1730 - Add Create Teiid VDB Data Source action to VDB selectionTEIIDDES-1835 - Add preview artifact management actionsTEIIDDES-1847 - Filter preview artifacts in tree if not tied to current runtime user      TEIIDDES-1814 - Remove Teiid-specific server creation dialog Teiid Designer Team

Teiid 8.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of Teiid is available - Teiid 8.5 Final.

Feature highlights include:
TEIID-2528 Encrypted Buffer Files - the buffer manager now supports an option to encrypt Teiid temp data files using 128-bit AES.TEIID-2249 Dependent Join Enhancements - TEIID-2559 greater control over full depdendent join pushdown has been added including make dep hint options max/join to control the extent of depdendent join pushdown.TEIID-2555 the join hint enables the pushdown the entire dependent join when supported by the source.TEIID-2558 JDBC translator support to dependent join pushdown for a broad set of sources including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer, Sybase, etc. use the enableDependentJoins translator property. See the Reference for more. TEIID-2527 Configurable Runtime Multisource - the server will now allow multisource models to have sources added and removed at runtime. See the admin addSource and removeSource methods. TEIID-2571 Broader Must …

Teiid 8.5 CR1

Teiid 8.5 CR1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads.  As we are closing in on the release there is only one new feature to highlight since Beta2:TEIID-2584 Materialization management - added management routines for external materialized views including scheduled refresh via extension metadata properties. In total now there have been nearly 100 issues addressed for the release.  Anything that you can help spot before the final release will be greatly appriciated. 

We'll be starting work shortly on the 8.6 release - again targeting a three month release window.  Please vote for and log issues that you believe should be included in the next release.


Teiid Designer 8.2 Final available

Release 8.2.Final is now available!

This release includes a number of bug fixes as well as enhancements to our integration with JBoss AS server framework.  8.2 now supports multiple versions of the Teiid runtime including 7.7.x, 8.3.x and 8.4.x.

Check out our What's New page for more details and some screen shots.

You can install via an Eclipse-based zip archive or install it via our release update site.

Teiid Designer Project Team

Teiid 8.5 Beta2

Teiid 8.5 Beta2 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads.  Feature highlights since Beta1 include: TEIID-2614 Anonymous procedure blocks - anonymous procedure blocks may be used as statements. See the Reference for more.   TEIID-247 Expanded array support - added parsing, JDBC and other support for arrays. See the Reference for more. Note that this support should be considered a tech preview and will be expanded/refined over subsequent releases. Given that array support is an evolving feature if you have any interest in its please provide as much early feedback as possible.

Also issues are starting to be moved into the 8.6 release target.  If you have anything pressing, please log/vote for it so that it can be prioritized appropriately.


Teiid 8.5 Beta1 Posted

Teiid 8.5 Beta1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads.  Feature highlights since Alpha1 include: TEIID-2571 Broader Must Pushdown - must pushdown functions tied to a particular model that supports selects without from can now be called without at any time. TEIID-2572 Function native-query - source functions for most translators now support the native-query extension metadata property to specify alternative syntax. TEIID-2067 Global temporary tables - may now be declared that are backed by Teiid session specific instance tables. See the Reference for more. TEIID-2443 Simple aggregate rollup - added support for a single ROLLUP grouping element to produce multiple levels of aggregation. See the Reference for more.  We're still on track for the September release so any remaining feature work will be narrow in scope - and any early feedback will help ensure a quality release.  On that note thanks to community member Marco Ardito ODBC access has also been improved with a…

Teiid 8.5 Alpha1 Available

Teiid 8.5 Alpha1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha (which is basically the same as AS 7.2) is now available in our downloads.  The feature highlights are:
TEIID-2528 Encrypted Buffer Files - the buffer manager now supports an option to encrypt Teiid temp data files using 128-bit AES.TEIID-2249 TEIID-2559 TEIID-2555 Dependent Join Enhancements - greater control over full depdendent join pushdown has been added including make dep hint options max and min to control the extent of depdendent join pushdown. The join hint is also available to pushdown the entire dependent join when supported by the source.TEIID-2527 Configurable Runtime Multisource - the server will now allow multisource models to have sources added and removed at runtime. See the admin addSource and removeSource methods. It is still early in the release cycle, so there will be more refinements, documentation, and enhancements for dependent joins coming.   

And of course there is still plenty of time to log enhancement requests for and …

Cisco enters Data Virtualization Space

In case you haven't heard, networking  giant CISCO systems on Thursday June 20th, 2013 announced that it is buying Composite Software for $180 Million

This acquisition highlights the growing interest in the Data  Virtualization market by customers that vendors are trying to fill.

The phrase Enterprise Information Integration ( EII ) was first introduced by MetaMatrix (which is predecessor for Teiid back in 2000 and was first entrant into the market. Composite Software soon joined ranks of EII vendors and quickly established itself as a fierce competitor. MetaMatrix was acquired by Red Hat in 2007.  Red Hat initiated the process to open source the MetaMatrix software as it does with all acquired code that's not yet open. The Teiid community project was born out of these effort in January 2009.  On the path to open source, we took the opportunity to step back, re-evaluate and revamp

Planning to Migrate Your Relational database to MongoDB?

Are you planning on migrating your relational database data in Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL etc., into MongoDB for scalability and performance reasons?

Or you want to use MongoDB for your new project, but not do not want to spend too much time learning MongoDB APIs? However, you are a seasoned SQL developer?

Or you have data in databases, CSV files and other applications that you need to integrate together and store in MongoDB and do further analysis?

If "Yes", please keep reading...

If you have previously attempted at migration of data yourself, I am sure you may have come across these below links before.…

Teiid 8.4.Final Released, MongoDB support added

In keeping with our 3 month release window we are proud to announce our next time boxed release - Teiid 8.4.Final.

Here are top three (3) features:
The deployment platform is upgraded to EAP 6.1 Alpha. You can also use EAP 6.1 Final, but you need a developer subscription from Redhat. For the difference between community and subscription version see If you have concerns about switching from JBoss AS 7.1.1 to EAP please read row and column based security. Read more about it: for MongoDB. Use Teiid and its SQL language to access the data from MongoDB. This release includes a new MongoDB translator and resource adapter. Read more about it:  More blogs coming on this soon. Here is complete run down of features in this release: TEIID…

Expose Excel Data as OData feed using Teiid

For that matter you can expose any data source that is supported by Teiid through its translators as OData service. You can convert
Relational databasesXML, JSON, CSV filesWeb Services Sales ForceExcel documents sources, or write your on top of your specific source.

Teiid added support for exposing its virtual database (VDB) as OData service without any additional work. Create a virtual database with your required sources and create any additional views and deploy in the the JBoss EAP 6.1 server, that has Teiid 8.3 or greater installed.  See for more information.
So, lets build a simple example of exposing the Excel Sheet. Teiid accesses Excel sheets via JDBC-ODBC bridge, and Windows OS provides a ODBC driver for Excel documents. 
Edit the standalone-teiid.xml, and create Connection Factory jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};Dbq=c:\ODBC\ExcelData.xlsodbcTRANSACTION_NONEfalsefalseFailingConnectionOnly{user…

Teiid 8.4 CR1 Available

Teiid 8.4 CR1 for EAP 6.1.Alpha* is now available in our downloads.  The new features Beta2:
TEIID-2504 Improved socket results processing large results processing over a socket transport have been significantly improved for forward only results. Scrollable results will have only a marginal improvement. TEIID-2427 TEIID-2311 Column Masking added column masking and refined row-based security. Also allow for permissions to be granted via the MetadataFactory methods addPermission and addColumnPermisison to enable adding roles via a MetadataRepository.
Additional web service security features and mongo connectivity have made it into 8.4 and will be fully doc'ed and in the release notes by the next CR/Final.

If needed we will produce a CR2 in approximately 10 days and will generally be selective about what issues get released before the Final. 

Beyond the 8.4 Final we now have the 8.4.1 and 8.5 release version targets active to take additional issues.

*And now more on the switch to…

Teiid 8.4 Beta2 Posted

Teiid 8.4 Beta2 for EAP 6.1.Alpha is now available in our downloads.  The new features in this beta (since Teiid 8.3 Final):
TEIID-2444 EAP Platform - the deployment platform for Teiid has been changed to EAP 6.1.Alpha1 TEIID-2429 Improved sort performance - improved sorts for large data sets especially under heavy load. TEIID-2449 VDB Zips - added the ability to deploy non-Designer based vdb zip artifacts with the ability to place DDL outside of the VDB.xml via the DDL-FILE metadata repository. TEIID-2423 TEIID-2470 Additional Embedded deployments - xml and zip vdb deployment options are available for Teiid Embedded. TEIID-1092 Session Variables - added the teiid_session_set and teiid_session_get methods to maintain session variables. TEIID-2326 Shared Mat Views - materialized views from imported vdbs will be reused rather than recreated in each importing vdb. TEIID-2344 Automatic DB Version Detection - the JDBC translator database version property in most circumstances will not need…

Teiid Designer 8.1 Final Released


Key feature for this release is providing the ability to develop and test your VDBs against both Teiid 7.7 and Teiid 8.3 runtimes (JBoss AS 7.1 and AS 5.1 platforms).  This feature allows managing your older VDB artifacts with latest tooling and provides a mechanism to migrate and test your data services on the newer server version.

Other features include:
New relational object wizards (Table, View, Procedure, Index)Improved synchronization of workspace models with VDB artifactsMulti-source binding support in VDBs (TEIIDDES-472)(See also TEIID-2253 Multi-source improvements)New model importer using deployed data source through Teiid runtime (TEIIDDES-1575)
For more details, check out What's New !

(Teiid 8.4 + EAP 6.1) Alpha

Teiid has been using JBoss AS 7.1.1 as deployment server for last few versions. We wanted to move to later versions of the JBoss AS, but no JBoss AS community versions released after 7.1.1. Then JBoss EAP came along...

Teiid 8.4 Alpha1 is our first attempt to make Teiid deploy using EAP 6.1 Alpha. Even though EAP 6.1 Alpha, has a tag of "Alpha" this is much more stable version of the JBoss AS (7.2.Final).

If you are concerned about licensing issues with EAP 6.1 Alpha, please see this thread.

The installation is same as before, download the EAP 6.1 Alpha and then Teiid 8.4.Alpha1 and unzip the contents of Teiid archive over the EAP's directory.

One notable change you will see is, how Teiid deploys the resource adapters in this new version. Instead of deploying them as RAR files, they are now deployed as the JBoss Modules.  You can still use the RAR file deployment as before,as there is no changes there.

Take it for spin and let us know if you find any issues. Also, we ar…

Teiid 8.3.0.Final Released

It took us little more than 12 weeks from 8.2 Final, however Teiid 8.3.0.Final is released with many many exciting features.

The features we really excited about are
OData Support - Teiid can now either consume from a OData source or produce results using OData protocol. See related blogs on this topic.JSON Support - Similar to how user can use SQLXML and define results in XML, Teiid is introducing JSON  language constructs, such that you can produce results in JSON. Now you can generate that Rest web service that returns JSON!!!Source Temp Tables - create a temporary tables on sources, and generate plans that are efficient in pushing down more work towards the sources. Many more.. See below for full list

Teiid 8.3 is still based on JBoss AS 7.1.1  The JBoss folks have decided not to release any community releases off of AS 7.x branches, however they recently announced  that EAP 6.1-alpha1 (a productised version of JBoss AS that RedHat offers subscription) is released to community de…

Teiid 8.3 CR1 Available

Teiid 8.3 CR1 has been posted to the downloads.  The new features since beta2 include:
TEIID-196Source Temporary Tables- temporary (locally scoped) tables may be defined at runtime against physical sources with a CREATE FOREIGN TEMPORARY TABLE statement. See the Reference for more.TEIID-2159JSON Production- added the JSONARRAY, JSONARRAY_AGG, JSONOBJECT, and JSONPARSE constructs for producing JSON. See the Reference for more.TEIID-2248Bulk Salesforce Inserts- added the ability for the Salesforce translator to perform bulk inserts.We've been getting great feedback on the beta releases, which has led to several important fixes - so keep up the good work with the CR!  Be sure to contribute any documentation or Javadoc updates that you see are needed as well. 

8.3 Final is on track for 2 weeks from now so now is a great time to help shape the 8.4 release.


Integrate OData Source Using Teiid

Teiid 8.3.x release has a new translator "odata", that supports consuming of OData sources. Using this translator a user can integrate data from a OData source with other sources in Teiid.

If you like to know what OData is and Teiid support for it, please read this previous post

In this blog, we will write a Teiid VDB, that shows how to consume a OData source, and how Teiid uses OData's CSDL metadata document to expose it in relational form such that it can be integrated with other sources.

So, let's begin..

In a Teiid system, OData translator is a extension of the "ws" web services translator, since all OData queries are REST based web service calls, and results are published in "atom/pub" or "json" format, it uses the same resource adapter "teiid-connector-ws.rar". For this example, we will use a example OData service at…

Access Teiid from node.js

Are you writing a "node.js" application and would like to access Teiid VDB from it?

If "yes", this is currently possible using NPM package "pg".  Since, Teiid supports the PG transport, you can use this PostgreSQL client for "node.js" for accessing the Teiid.

For example if you have VDB called "northwind" deployed on your Teiid server, and it has table called "customers" and you are using default configuration such as

user = 'user'
password = 'user'
host =
port = 35432

then you can use following to write simple access program to Teiid var pg = require('pg'); var connectionString = "pg://user:user@localhost:35432/northwind" pg.connect(connectionString, function(err, client) { client.query('SELECT CustomerID, ContactName, ContactTitle FROM Customers', function(err, result) { console.log(result.rows) }); }); If you want access one row a…

OData Support In Teiid

What Is OData? "The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock your data and free it from silos that exist in applications today. OData does this by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON to provide access to information from a variety of applications, services, and stores. The protocol emerged from experiences implementing AtomPub clients and servers in a variety of products over the past several years.  OData is being used to expose and access information from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, relational databases, file systems, content management systems and traditional Web sites. " - taken directly from
 OData is specification from OASIS committee, and this specification is backed by Microsoft, SAP AG, IBM, Citrix, Progress Software and WSO2.

Why you need OData?…

Teiid 8.3 Beta2 Posted

Teiid 8.3 Beta2 is now available in our downloads.  The new features in this this beta:
TEIID-2363 Concurrent Join Processing Enhancements - both sides of a join will processed more when possible. See also the org.teiid.joinPrefetchBatches system property in the Admin Guide. TEIID-196 Source Temporary Tables - temporary (locally scoped) tables may be defined at runtime against physical sources with a CREATE FOREIGN TEMPORARY TABLE statement. See the Reference for more. TEIID-2159 JSON Production - added the JSONARRAY, JSONARRAY_AGG, JSONOBJECT, and JSONPARSE constructs for producing JSON. See the Reference for more. We are on track for the first candidate release in two weeks.  Looking ahead we'll be creating an 8.4 release target and should begin work on a 9.0 release by the end of that cycle.  Of course any feedback on the 8.3 release before final is greatly appreciated.

In addition to the AS Teiid Web Console management option, an initial plugin binary for RHQ 4.* has als…

Teiid 8.3 Beta1 Available

The march toward 8.3 continues with Beta1 now available in our downloads.  Over the last alpha this beta features:
TEIID-2182Events- Capture the VDB loading and unloading events now from registering a listener on EventDistributorTEIID-2241CLI script for Standalone- Install Teiid into any AS7 standalone configuration using the provided CLI script.TEIID-2152Basic MERGE support- support for a simplistic MERGE statement was added. See the Reference for more.TEIID-1757OData Translator- A translator for OData based sources has been added.TEIID-1854 and OData support in general is progressing nicely - there will be more on this later in the release.  There has also been lots of important fixes so this should be a good pre-release to take for a test drive and provide early feedback.

The 8.3 development cycle will be extended slightly beyond the normal quarterly window due to the slowdown over the holidays and to accommodate getting a few more features complete.  The release is currently expec…

Planning started on Teiid Designer Komodo release

With the changes in Teiid 8.x coming on-line and the use of Dynamic VDB's in Openshift becoming more visible, it's become apparent that Teiid's primary tooling, Teiid Designer, should re-visit it's architecture and embrace these concepts.

A few discussions have already occurred amongst community members and a release code-name Komodo (a type of lizard akin to Teiid, the whip-tail lizard) was adopted to identify the next-generation Teiid Designer for the time being.

Options for incorporating elements of Teiid's new direction could be accomplished through drastically modifying/removing Designer's current underlying EMF framework and developing anew from a fresh user perspective. In addition there may be benefits to creating a tighter coupling between Komodo and Teiid runtime, as well as incorporating other JBoss technologies/projects like ModeShape and SRAMP work being done in Overlord.

A summary of the discussions that have taken place and links to applicab…

Hello 2013 - Teiid 8.3 Alpha2 is Available

8.3 Alpha2 is now available in our downloads.  This alpha features:
TEIID-2311Permission Conditions- data roles can now specify SQL conditions that will enforce row-based security and physical table insert/update checked constraints. See the Reference Guide for more.TEIID-2341Join Planning Improvements- ANSI join structures can now be preserved with the preserve hint, i.e. FROM /*+ PRESERVE */ (tbl1 INNER JOIN tbl2 ON ...), which is similar to the Oracle ORDERED hint. Also sources restricted to only outer joins can have INNER or effectively INNER joins pushed to them.TEIID-2312Source security domains- Ldap, Salesforce, google-spreadsheet and ws (basic auth) translators can now define "security-domain" in their resource-adaptor configuration for security. When defined along with caller-identity the logged in user's credentials are passed to source for authentication.TEIID-1854 also had it's initial commit, which will provide Teiid with the ability to automatically be a…