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Teiid Designer 8.0 Final Released

Teiid Designer 8.0 Final was released last week and is available for download/installation.

Key to this release was to adapting Designer to be compatible with Teiid 8.2 and the change in server philosophy of the JBoss AS7 application server.

Primary drivers for this release:
Support for VDB Reuse.This feature enables you to create and deploy VDBs to your server and re-importing these VDBs as JDBC sources to so you can use them as sources in other view models. Integrate Teiid server contents and UI with JBoss/WTP Server view.
Upgrading server-related actions to reflect changes in AS7 functionality For more details, check out What's New and take it for a drive!

Teiid 8.3 Alpha1 Posted

The first alpha of 8.3 is now available in our downloads.  This alpha features:
TEIID-2253Multi-source improvements- multi-source planning was significantly improved, which will result in much better plans when using multi-source models. The user may also now configure the multi-source column name, auto-populate the multi-column in the actual metadata, and use non-literal multi-source column values.TEIID-1557Generated Key Retrieval- JDBC now supports generated key retrieval, see the Client and the Developers Guides for more. As well as several important fixes and general socket buffering improvements.  There will of course be more to come with this release shortly.


Teiid 8.2 Final Released

Continuing our time boxed release schedule Teiid team is excited to announce availability of Teiid 8.2.Final.

In total there were 120 issues resolved - including 15 new features and over 50 bug fixes. See all the issues on Teiid's JIRA.

This release coincides with the first release of the Teiid Console for Teiid 8.x.  The Teiid Console is a web based administrative tool for configuration and monitoring and is also available from the downloads area. A big thanks to Heiko Braun for his support in developing this.

The Teiid Designer team is making great progress towards the Teiid Designer8.0 which works with Teiid 8.2.Final. For early releases please see the Designer Downloads.

Teiid 8.2 is still based on JBoss AS 7.1.1  The JBoss AS 7.2 release is still TDB sometime after the rename process. You can help by voting for new name  

Here are the feature highlights:
TEIID-1923 Teiid Console - A web based administrative console for Teiid. TEIID-2150 Positional pro…

Introducing Teiid Admin Web Console - 1.0.CR1

Teiid team is very exited to introduce a new GWT based administrative console for Teiid starting with version 8.2.x

If you are already using slick JBoss AS7 web console, then you already know how good, quick and snappier it is to configure and manage JBoss AS7. Now, you can use the same console to configure and manage Teiid. This new console is an extension to the JBoss AS7 console, written using GWT based technology and uses AS7 DMR underneath for remote communication with Teiid Subsystem on JBoss AS7.

The code for Teiid Admin Web Console is  hosted at

You can find some documentation at

With the new console you can
Configure  TeiidDeploy VDBsCheck the status of the VDBCheck deployment errors of the VDBView models in a VDB and check their properties and and any error associated with themCheck data roles, manage role assignments Check current sessions logged against VDBView cu…

Teiid 8.2 CR1 Posted And More

We're closing in on our next release with Teiid 8.2 CR1 now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final. New features include: 
TEIID-2269 Vault Support - The transport's keystore and truststore passwords are now supported through vault based passwords. TEIID-1064 Google Spreadsheet Support - there is now support for querying Google Spreadsheets via Teiid. See the Reference and Admin Guides for more. TEIID-1241 WSDL backed WS Translator - a web services data source can be configured to access a single server and point based upon a specific WSDL. In total we have addressed over 100 issues (which is now common for a point release). Please ensure that all of your issues have been addressed satisfactorily as we likely release a CR2 before proceeding to final.  

The new Google spreadsheet support, which was an excellent contribution from Red Hatter's Filip Nguyen and Filip Elias, will hopefully be broadened into other Google services over time.

We're also looking a…

Teiid 8.2 Beta2 Released

Teiid 8.2 Beta2 is released today. We are just about a week away from CR release, that marks the end of development of features for 8.2 release and only bugs will be fixed before 8.2.Final.

This release brings better integration with "object cache" stores like Infinispan. If you have data in Infinispan (local or remote) now you can integrate the objects in the map with other relational or non-relational data. This release also fixes few bugs, please look at the JIRA for further details.

If you are working with Teiid 8.1, this is the time for you to pick up 8.2 version and check to make sure your use cases work with out any issues. If you see any issues please log a JIRA, so that it can be fixed before the 8.2 Final release.

Thank you.


Teiid 8.2 Beta1 Released

8.2 Beta1 has been posted to the downloads:

Teiid 8.2 has added numerous fixes since the last alpha and the additional feature of a RETURN statement to the procedure language. Also the newly added OBJECT translator is still being refined and is not yet ready for use.

Be sure to take a test drive and log any issues found. We should have the next beta available within two weeks before locking things down more for CR and Final releases.

Our transition of main line development from SVN to Git is now complete- Let us know if you have any issues getting started with Git as we'll be looking to improve our wiki and process related documentation.


Also Red Hat Integration week is imminent. If you have not registered, register and join us for many sessions around Red Hat supported middleware integration - many of which involve Teiid!

Teiid 8.2 Alpha2 Released

8.2 Alpha2 has been posted to the downloads: 8.2, is beginning to be feature packed release with a long overdue feature of exception handling in virtual procedures. A developer can write code like RAISE SQLEXCEPTION .. and capture that event in the client with a SQLException. Read more about it at Query support is expanded. What is native query, how is it related? Well a native query any arbitrary command (SQL or otherwise) that is specific to a given source. With this new feature, every Teiid translator provides a mechanism, where you can submit any native command directly to the physical source through translator, and translator will execute and return the results. Why you need it? Well, taking an example of Oracle, lets say you have written a very specialized optimized query and you would like to submit as is with out Teiid re-writing it, then this is way to do that. The u…

Teiid on OpenShift demo is available!

We now have a Teiid demo available for deployment to OpenShift.  Teiid allows you to access and integrate data from a variety of distributed data sources - in real-time, without moving your data from its system of record.  OpenShift is Red Hat's Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

You can now deploy the Teiid engine to a free OpenShift cloud instance and try it for yourself!  To get your free demo started today, see our install instructions .

The demo provides easy-to-follow articles which will show you how to access and integrate data from three disparate sources:
MySQL database containing account dataTwitter feed webserviceSalesforce instance These are just a few of the many sources you can access with Teiid.  And with Teiid, you can easily join any of the sources to create your own federated data views!

We also show you how to access your Teiid-OpenShift VDB (virtual database) in a number of ways: 
Submit ad-hoc queries via the provided browser-based query a…

Teiid 8.1 Final Released, Brings back "embedded" Teiid

The Teiid Team is very excited to announce the availability of Teiid 8.1-Final for JBoss AS 7.1.1.  If you are working with Teiid 8.0, we highly recommend to migrate to 8.1-Final version, as we have about 100 issues resolved along with many new features.

In Teiid 6.x versions, Teiid used to support a "embedded" version, this feature has been removed from 7.x versions, now it has been resurrected  with slightly different purpose.

Teiid Embedded

The main purpose of "Teiid Embedded" is to provide a data virtualization framework with full metadata definitions, query planning and query optimizations across multiple disparate sources with full query features minus any platform specific details such as external vdb deployments, connection management, clustering, authentications etc.  This provides a perfect environment to write a very specific data integration and virtualization needs in any vertical market for your application with out any JBoss AS specific dependencies.

Teiid 8.1 CR1 Posted

Teiid 8.1 CR1 is now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final. We are excited to be closing in on the final release.  New features since Beta1 include: 
TEIID-1598 Translator Result Caching - translators can interact with the result set caching facility via a CacheDirective. See the Developer's Guide for more. TEIID-2077 Result reuse - the engine will automatically detect if the same source query is used multiple times in a plan and reuse the result rather than issuing another query. TEIID-2113 Misc parser improvements - the parser will now accept the LATERAL keyword for defining a LATERAL join (previously we just used the TABLE keyword), unary negation is now supported e.g. -col1, the FOR keyword is optional for TEXTAGG, and the BNF documentation was dramatically improved. TEIID-2036 Dependent Join Array Comparison - platforms supporting array comparisons can have multi-attribute dependent joins pushed down as array comparisons. Oracle, PG, and H2 translators …

EDS 5.3 available from Red Hat

If you have been working with Teiid 7.7 version and would like a supported version then look no further than EDS 5.3 from Red Hat.  Red Hat just announced release of their Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 which is based on the community projects Teiid and ModeShape and many more.

Some of the key highlights include

New data sources: Greenplum, PostgreSQL 9, Apache Hive (tech preview)Performance enhancementsNew wizards, guides, cheatsheets to enhance tooling usability. If you are already a subscriber of EDS from Red Hat, then can you download the bits from Red Hat portal now. This also comes with supported tooling JBoss Developer Studio 5.0. Check out new wizards that can help you consume web services or file based sources with ease in EDS.

If you are contemplating on why do you need supported version? well if you are going to deploy a critical application into production environment and need immediate assistance on the product then supported version is the only solution. T…

Teiid 8.1 Beta1

Teiid 8.1 Beta1 is now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final. New features include: 
VDB Reuse a vdb.xml can now declare imported vdbs to reuse metadata.  See the Reference for more. Comparable Object - the system property org.teiid.comparableObject can be set to use OBJECT values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations. It is expected that the object values correctly implement Comparable.compareTo. Admin Metadata - you can now retrieve metadata in DDL from the admin api via the getSchema method. Improved VDB loading - vdb loading logic was refined to make administration easier. ExecutionFactory now has is/setSourceRequiredForMetadata() to indicate whether a source connection is needed for the getMetadata call. VDB reuse is a powerful feature that enables a lighter-weight approach to sharing schema/models across VDBs.  Design time support will come in a future Designer release.

Overall issue fixing has been brisk with 69 issues addressed so far.  We will likely…

Data Solutions Everywhere at Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012

A very successful Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012 with over 3300 attendees from all over the world happened this week in Boston Hynes Convention Centre. 

In last one week Red Hat has released many products.
EAP6Data GridOpenShiftJBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 JBoss Enterprise SOA and Enterprise Data Services Platforms Red Hat Storage
There were many varieties of sessions, it was evident that big data and cloud computing has taken prominent spot light. JBoss keynote was so good, there was not even standing room in 800+ capacity session hall. If you have not seen it you can watch it here

If you have not already taken look at GlusterFS (Red Hat Storage), it is just  magic where you can take commodity hard drives and turn them into big data storage solution all with software.

I have attended couple sessions on Data Grid by Manik, they were very informative in educating the user about Big Data and how Infinispan is solving  is…

Data Virtualization @ Redhat Summit 2012

You have heard about Data Virtualization, but do not completely understand what it is and what benefits it brings to your organization?

Are you still on the fence about Data Virtualization technologies?

Are you considering Data Virtulization technology for your enterprise but do not know what are some essential features you need to be looking out to make it a successful evaluation of technology? Would like to know some common do and don'ts in choosing a vendor?

Would you like to know how other enterprises are using the Data Virtualization technology? What are the problems they are trying to solve?

If you answered "yes" to any one of the above questions, please attend my session "The Power of Data Virtualization" at Redhat Summit 2012

In this session, I will describe what this technology about, and essential features you need to be looking in a Data Virtualization vendor and take you through some usecases that enterprises are using the Data Virtualization tech…

Teiid 8.0 Final Released, brings Data Virtualization to JBoss AS 7.x

The Teiid Team is proud to announce the availability of Teiid 8.0 Final for JBoss AS 7.1.1.

A major effort with this release was moving from JBoss AS 5.1.0 platform to the new JBoss AS 7.1.1 platform.  We super exited with the move as JBoss AS7 offers:
Blazing fast start-up, deployment and configurationModular design, with powerful class loaderExceptionally light weight resource consuptionSimple, centralized and consistent configurationStandards complianceSimplified ClusteringInfinispan support Easy testing Read more about JBoss AS 7.1.1 here. This means all the above features/services are also applicable to Teiid. That is not all, we have advanced Teiid 8 with powerful features, performance enhancements, and query optimizations. The Teiid 8 feature list includes:
DDL Based View Definitions - Define virtual tables, procedures and functions for Dynamic VDBs using DDL. MetadataRepository - Pluggable metadata facility for any VDB and models inside it. CallableStatement Named Paramete…

Teiid 8.0 CR1

We're getting close! Teiid 8.0 CR1 is now available for deployment on AS7 7.1.1-Final.  This release adds the following notable features in addition to numerous defect fixes: 
Greenplum Translator - for use with the Greenplum database. Enhanced parse/format pushdown - added more built-in support and extension points for parse/format function pushdown. Added parse/format timestamp handling for SQLServer, Sybase, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. User Defined Aggregates - user defined aggregate functions can be defined via extension metadata, DDL, or connector metadata.   8.1 development will now start in earnest with only high priority fixes still to be addressed for 8.0.  Be sure to log a JIRA is you see something before the final release is cut.

There will be more on user defined aggregates in another post.

The Teiid Team

Teiid User Defined Aggregate Support

Building upon our support for pushdown and non-pushdown user defined scalar functions, Teiid with 8.0 CR1 also offers the ability to specify user defined aggregate functions (UDAF).

UDAFs are useful to extend Teiid's already extensive aggregate function library.  They also allow Teiid to implement the final processing over pushdown aggregation. For partitioned datasets there is no additional work for Teiid to do, but the UDAF may be needed to express custom aggregation to the participating data sources. For non-partitioned datasets single argument UDAFs may be marked as decomposable to indicate that not only can the initial aggregation be pushed down, but that Teiid will perform the final integration/aggregation of results itself. This provides map-reduce like behavior where processing can be performed in parallel on a large number of source systems.

UDAFs are defined similarly to UDFs and share most of the same metadata properties.  Building on the prior post using Dynamic VDB…

Teiid Designer 7.7 Released

The Teiid Designer project team is proud to announce it's 7.7 release is now available for download.

This release has focused primarily on usability improvements which include:
NewGuides ViewSimplifies primary modeling use-cases NewStatus ViewRuntime project analysis and status NewDesigner Cheat SheetsImprovedWeb Service ImporterResults in single queryable view procedureGo from WSDL to testing your VDB in minutesImprovedView Table Creation

(See Teiid Designer 7.7 What's New for details and more screen shots)

Domain Mode Aware Teiid

Teiid 8.0.0.Beta2 is released today with  "domain mode" support provided by JBoss AS 7. This release is based on JBoss AS 7.1.1

So, what does "domain mode" provide to Teiid?

When you have more than one JBoss AS instance in your server farm and if they are started in domain mode, all the configuration options of this server farm can be centrally managed. For example, you can deploy a VDB or create a data source across all the instances, with one single CLI based call.  Teiid extends this configuration concept to deploy the VDBs, Translators across the whole server farm.

Also, when domain mode is combined with "HA (high availability)" profile, one can cluster the JBoss AS server instances that are deployed. Teiid chooses the HA profile as default profile in its "domain-teiid.xml" file. When the Server is started using the "domain-teiid.xml" the distributed caching that is used for ResultSet caching and Internal Materialized caching is au…

Dynamic VDBs Are Back With A Punch!!!

You did not think we removed this feature from Teiid forever did you? In earlier releases of Teiid 8.0 cycles, Dynamic VDBs were not supported due to lack of non-archive file based deployment support from the JBoss AS 7. Now that  JBoss AS 7.1.0-Final has been released they added much needed feature to enable the Dynamic VDBs. With that we are announcing the first release of Teiid that is based on JBoss AS 7.1.0-Final.

Teiid 8.0.Beta1 is released today. Teiid 8.0.Final will also be based upon same version of JBoss AS. This release brings back Dynamic VDB feature, but that is not the big news. Now you can define virtual tables, procedures and functions as you did in Teiid Designer based VDB are now can be defined in the Dynamic VDBs using DDL with out Teiid Designer. Yes, using DDL! This can lead design of Virtual Databases that are more dynamic in nature that can be changed programatically. Without any more non-sense here is quick example.

The below example is extension of the example …

Teiid 7.7 Final Released

We are pleased to announce Teiid 7.7 is now available.  While mostly a fix release with nearly 50 issues addressed, highlights of 7.7 features include:
Excel JDBC Translator - for use with Excel using the JDBC-ODBC bridge.Salesforce Aggregates - salesforce pushdown queries now support GROUP BY, HAVING, and the standard aggregate functions.Comparable LOBs - the system property org.teiid.comparableLobs can be set to use CLOB and BLOB values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations.Padded String Comparison - the system property org.teiid.padSpace can be set to effectively right pad strings to the same length for comparison. See the release notes for more details.  Download today, give it try, and vote for or log features you want in upcoming releases.


8.0.0 alpha2

Second instalment in 8.0 series is now available as 8.0.0.alpha2 release. This release is designed to be deployed on AS7 7.1.0-CR1b.

The main changes include in this release are

- New data type, VARBINARY has been added.
- Documentation moved to confluence
- Enhanced comparison support, includes comparable lobs, padded string comparison support and collation support.
- Event ids along with all logged messages
- many more bug fixes.

Dynamic VDBs are still not supported, however once the AS 7.1.0-Final is released this will be supported.

Test it out and let us know if any features not working as you expected or any new features you would like to see in 8.0-Final release as the window for new features is narrowing.

Thank you community for the valuable input. Keep em coming!


Teiid 7.7 CR1 Posted

7.7 CR1 is now available.  7.7 is becoming a more feature-full release, highlights include:

Excel JDBC Translator - for use with Excel using the JDBC-ODBC bridge. Salesforce Aggregates - salesforce pushdown queries now support GROUP BY, HAVING, and the standard aggregate functions. Comparable LOBs - the system property org.teiid.comparableLobs can be set to use CLOB and BLOB values in comparison/sorting/grouping operations. Padded String Comparison - the system property org.teiid.padSpace can be set to effectively right pad strings to the same length for comparison. Over 40 issues have been addressed in total.  Please validate any features or fixes of interest before the final release.

The Teiid Team

Teiid 8.0.alpha1 - JBoss AS7 based Teiid

Teiid Team is proud to announce the availability of Teiid 8.0-alpha1 release. This is the first release of Teiid that is based on JBoss AS 7 as host environment. It is also start of the next major revision for Teiid and departure from Teiid 7.x releases. There will not be any more 7.x based releases. There is still lot more work to do for 8.0 Final release, this is our effort to get the community involved early on and weed out any possible regressions.

There are many things changed with respect to AS7, as it completely re-written and entirely different from JBoss 5.x and 6.x releases. For details please see the AS7 documentation. That means there are numerous changes tricked down for Teiid too. I will list some issues to look out for

All the deprecated features from the 7.x release have been removed. AS7 provides completely new way of configuration. Teiid utilizes this new configuration mechanism. Fully Supports CLI based administration. Deployment of artifacts such as vdbs and data sou…