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Teiid 6.2 Released, packed with new features

The Teiid project team is excited to announce the release of version 6.2.0 - available for download here . The 6.2 release adds significant features in ease of use and enterprise readiness. It's never been easier to integrate your disparate enterprise data sources . Dynamic VDB An often requested feature, with a dynamic VDB data can be integrated between multiple sources very quickly without explicitly constructing a VDB using Teiid Designer . Check out a new example (dynamicvdb-portfolio) in the Teiid download, and read this blog for more info. Introducing Teiid Server In the prior releases of Teiid only an embedded deployment mode was offered. This meant the Teiid instance could not be shared among multiple clients. Now with Teiid server, you can run a standalone Teiid process and connect remotely over a highly scalable and configurable socket transport. Look here for installation instructions and how to connect to a server . Security Multiple facets of security wer

Teiid 6.2 M3 and JBoss World slides

Teiid 6.2 M3 is now available . It fixes several issues from M2 and cleans up quite a bit of logic in the JDBC Connector. Next up RC1. Have a look our presentation from JBoss World. It provides a good introduction to our internals - architecture, planning, processing, etc. If you have any questions feel free to post to the users list. The Teiid Team