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Teiid Designer 8.0 Final Released

Teiid Designer 8.0 Final was released last week and is available for download/installation . Key to this release was to adapting Designer to be compatible with Teiid 8.2 and the change in server philosophy of the JBoss AS7 application server. Primary drivers for this release: Support for VDB Reuse . This feature enables you to create and deploy VDBs to your server and re-importing these VDBs as JDBC sources to so you can use them as sources in other view models. Integrate Teiid server contents and UI with JBoss/WTP Server view. Upgrading server-related actions to reflect changes in AS7 functionality For more details, check out What's New and take it for a drive!

Teiid 8.3 Alpha1 Posted

The first alpha of 8.3 is now available in our downloads .  This alpha features: TEIID-2253   Multi-source improvements   - multi-source planning was significantly improved, which will result in much better plans when using multi-source models. The user may also now configure the multi-source column name, auto-populate the multi-column in the actual metadata, and use non-literal multi-source column values. TEIID-1557   Generated Key Retrieval   - JDBC now supports generated key retrieval, see the Client and the Developers Guides for more. As well as several important fixes and general socket buffering improvements.  There will of course be more to come with this release shortly. Steve