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Showing posts from December, 2016

Teiid 9.2 Alpha2 Available

Teiid 9.2 Alpha2 has been released . Due to the break and other issues this took slightly longer than anticipated.  Feature highlights since Alpha1: TEIID-4532 Hashing Functions were added for md5, sha1, sha2-256, and sha2-512. Feature Progress: The DDL metadata system feature has been pared down to just TEIID-4629    We're also putting more emphasis on materialization issues in anticipation of greater integration with Debezium . Even if the features are not fully formed yet, the pace of fixes in general has been good as we're closing in on 70 issues . Given the upcoming break, I don't expect the next pre-release until around January 6th.  Hopefully we'll be back to about every two weeks after than and stay on track for an early to mid February release. Thanks, Steve

Data Service Builder - Sprint 8 available

The Teiid Tooling team has completed a Sprint 8 milestone for the Data Service Builder (DSB). Data Service Builder (DSB) is a web interface that allows you to easily connect to your data, compose a data service, then test and deploy the data service for your applications to consume as an OData-based REST service. See our Getting Started Page for instructions to download and try it out.   Also check out our Future Sprint Development Plans page.